51+ Most Profitable Crafts To Sell in 2021

Crafts to make and sell

Last Updated on September 29, 2021 by Ruchika Gupta

In this blog, we will discuss how you can make and sell crafts that make money right from your home and explore some of the most profitable crafts to sell (trending, in-demand crafts) online and in craft fairs in 2021.

Do you have a knack for crafting?

If so, would you like to make some extra cash by following your passion and selling your favorite DIY projects and crafts?

Art and craft is indeed something almost every person loves doing since his childhood, and if you are good at that, then no kidding, you can make fair money by selling crafts that make money.

Creative hobbies can be a way to make some extra cash, and you don’t need any formal schooling. It could be one of the best ways to make some extra cash or to start your side hustle from home.

Starting small a craft business certainly sounds interesting, but finding the right information about the best crafts that sell for profit can be way out confusing.

In this blog pots, we’ll explore the 51 most popular crafts and hot, in-demand handmade items you can sell today. From handmade jewelry crafts to stationery products, there are so many trending crafts to make and sell.

This is an essential read if you’re looking to get into craft selling and want to know the top trending crafts for 2021 and what types of items will bring in the most revenue!

I have also added a few links from mom bloggers wherein you can find some inspiration on money-making crafts and get that boost before starting your craft business.

What crafts business makes the most money?

Getting into crafting and selling items can be lucrative, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

In order to be successful in the craft business, one of the most valuable skills is to find an enticing item and develop a strategy for selling it.

If you’re willing to convert your hobby into a new handmade craft business or a new profitable side hustle, here are the main handmade crafts that sell well ‘always’.

#Jewelry: Most profitable crafts to sell

By adding your creativity in designs, new customization patterns, and appealing packaging you can attract your target market easily and maximize your sales. 

#Easy to make and sell Digital and printable products

I love the fact about digital products that you can sell them an unlimited number of times – this way you don’t have to spend time creating new things all the time. If you’re looking for a business with a one-time cost and the potential to generate residual income, digital goods are your best bet.

Most people believe that you need a degree in graphic design and expensive software to create digital products. But, oftentimes, you can make these products using simple free tools that require no graphic designing background.

Look I created this and I am not a graphic designer!

Learn how simple it is to make digital products with free tools and sell them on ESTY!

#Easy Homemade Candles Crafts To Sell


Candles business is one of the most popular and profitable small craft businesses you can start from home with the least investment.

Candles are always in huge demand and can be sold for a good profit margin as they come in different sizes, shapes, colors and can be customized for different occasions.

Selling candles is a lucrative business opportunity, as seventy percent of households in the United States use scented candles. A candle that costs $3 to make, for example, could sell for up to $9-with the help of good marketing.

Scented candles are a wholesome vibe and are a necessity in every house.

However, candles are profitable if you’ve got a great scent. If the fragrance isn’t good enough, then most people will be turned off from buying it and won’t want to pay extra for something that doesn’t fill their home with pleasant smells.

#Personal Care Crafts That Make Money

The personal care industry is one of the fastest-growing industries. The DIY craze has opened up an opportunity for people to start a business selling items like bath bombs, homemade soaps, and beauty products. 

You might be surprised how much people will pay for homemade soaps, lip balms, lotion bars, insect repellents, or other natural products! If you’re looking for a hobby that doesn’t take too long and requires few supplies, this is a great option.

#Home Decor DIY Crafts to Make and Sell

The world of home decor is an ever-growing market with something for everyone. From personalized wall decals for nurseries to throw pillows and wooden products, their projects offer many great crafting ideas- some of which can be customized according to needs.

As home decor crafts are somewhat evergreen items, you can use materials that will last for years to come and make a much greater profit.

#Crafts to Make and Sell on Christmas

One of the most popular times for handmade goods is during the holidays. Even though Christmas crafts are seasonal items, they are among the most profitable crafts to sell during the holiday season due to their HUGE demand. 

Fabric products are one of the most useful crafts that you can make for money. If you know sewing or know any other fabric-related hobby or have talent, you can easily make some hot selling and useful fabric crafts.

If you are a total beginner, don’t lose hope as they are relatively easy to learn.


Art is most profitable if you’re looking for something that can be sold over and over again. Most people make their money not from the sale itself but through royalties.

This includes anything like prints or commissioned pieces of artwork – most artists are able to keep a steady flow of income without too much time investment since most people will make most of their money from royalties.

Top Trending Crafts sell in 2021

In order to be profitable, it is important to know which types of hand-made items are in demand. This will allow you to better focus your efforts on the types of handmade crafts that people are currently looking for.

Knowing which products are trending now will help you find more customers while keeping up with the trends.

If you want to know what type of handmade items are in high demand check out Pinterest trends, Etsy trends, the “popular right now” section of Etsy, and market insights reports of Etsy.


Below are some fun and easy money-making crafts you can make and sell from home. Use them as inspiration to get some new hot craft ideas to sell for your craft business.

These are profitable crafts that sell on Etsy, Amazon, and other craft sites as well as at traditional craft markets. Don’t miss the hot selling Etsy craft ideas at the end of the post.

1. Beads

Among all jewelry items, one of the most profitable craft products to sell is beaded jewelry. Beads are quite inexpensive and readily available making them one easy craft to make and sell for profit.

Check this free crochet pattern and beads tutorial will show you how to crochet a beaded wrap necklace.  

beaded jewelry
Hot and profitable Jewelry craft ideas to sell

If you want to dip your toes in making beaded jewelry, follow this beginner-friendly tutorial to get started.

This is one of the easiest types of Etsy stores to open and sell your handmade products.

2. Hand-stamped metal items

Another hot jewelry trend is hand-stamped metal items. You can create unique personalized jewelry with names, initials, and charms. It is one crafty business idea that is not only limited to jewelry.

Stamping metals is a good way to make other personalized items like pet items, keyrings, or stamped spoons.

stamped hot crafts to sell
Stamped jewelry hot crafts ideas to sell

Check this DIY tutorial to learn how to make stamped jewelry.

3. Wired Jewelry

Wired jewelry will always be in trend. Be it minimalist rings or DIY wired bracelets with intricate designs, making wired rings is one of the extremely easy jewelry-making DIY projects and qualifies for a fun craft idea.

In case you are wondering, how do you make such amazing wired rings, head on to this post by craftsyhacks for more information and create your own personalized wire rings today!

These DIY wire rings are absolutely gorgeous and relatively easy to make and sell for profit as the cost involved material costs (jewelry supplies) and labor costs are quite low.

Profitable crafts to sell from home
Rings- easy crafts you can make to sell from home

4. DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets

The possibilities are endless for design and scent when you make essential oil diffuser bracelets. Make your choice of beaded bracelet using this easy step-by-step tutorial.

They surely make unique handmade items to sell for extra cash.

Crafts that make money- bracelets
Essential oil Bracelets

6. Earrings

Believe it or not, but earrings are indeed the most favorite ornament of every girl out there, and for the very right reasons.

Tassel Earrings

With so many varieties of earrings, why do we suggest tassel earrings? 

Well, you are surely free to make any designs, but tassel earrings are one of a kind. Be it a boho look or a formal look. These can bring soul to the entire outfit and the get-up. Furthermore, creating tassel earrings is relatively easy and quick.

Making and selling tassel earrings is a great way to step up in the crafting business as material costs, as well as shipping costs, are not so high and this product can be sold easily for extra cash.

 Crafts that make money -tassel earrings
Tassel earrings on ETSY

Tassel earrings are quite popular crafts to sell online on Etsy shop, and therefore, the demand will be on the higher end as well.

In case you are looking for somewhere to start, check out these free resources for more information to know how to make tassel earrings.

Tutorials for DIY earrings

DIY Polymer Clay Earrings

 These polymer clay earrings are fun and easy DIY craft items. Plus you can make quite a few earrings in a short amount of time.

 7. Mason Jar candles

Mason Jar scented candles are trendy and common since these are excellent during those hot frothy baths during the weekends to relax and finally unwind after a hectic week.

Scents like lavender, cocoa butter, or even fruity candies are highly relaxing, and many more are readily available and therefore are some great choices of scents you can choose. 

Check out this complete step-by-step guide on how to create your exclusive scented DIY candles and spread the aroma!

Profitable crafts to sell
DIY candles crafts to make at home

More DIY candle ideas to sell, tutorials to get information

8. Stickers

You might be surprised to see them as the TOP SELLING ITEMS but they are quite the trendiest and hot crafts to sell on Etsy. Low shipping rates combined with endless ways to customize make them one of the most profitable crafts to sell on Etsy.

You can easily make more than 50% of your investment with stickers and you don’t need any special equipment, you only need your laptop and internet.

Hot craft ideas to sell
Hot craft ideas to sell

Mim is a 5-star ETSY sticker seller who built her six-figure business selling stickers on Etsy. You should really join her free masterclass to see how she is really killing on Etsy.

Selling stickers on ETSY

9. Scented Soaps

Regular soap can be readily accessible, but having a customized scent and aroma in those soaps is not easy to find. And if people do find them, these are heck costly! 

Now, what if you take good advantage of this situation and start making these profitable craft items with enchanting scents like lavender, rose, coffee, coconut, and many more that can quickly grab the attention. 

Adding some good essential oils and extra natural ingredients will surely make the soap more natural and will be a popular thing to make and sell. 

Here are some different types of DIY soap crafts you can make and sell from home for profit

Lavender Soap

For an easy craft project with lavender, head on to a simple DIY tutorial on how to make soap.

things to make and sell from home- lavender soap
Things you can make and sell – lavender soap
Homemade dried elderberries soap

Homemade dried elderberries soap is a great craft to make and sell from home. Here’s how!

make and sell things from mom-Elderberry-Soap
Easy Elderberry soap craft to sell from home
DIY snowflake soaps

 Another super-cute thing to make is these DIY snowflake soaps. These homemade DIY soaps can make a perfect gift for Frozen fangirls.

profitable crafts to sell--Snowflake-Soap
Easy make and sell crafts -soaps

10. Body Scrubs

Beauty and skincare products are a necessity. The benefits of exfoliation are endless.

Body scrubs are easy and cheap to make, so you can offer a product that customers love without needing much money or equipment. Making sugar scrub is not difficult; just jazz up the packaging with some ribbon and lace.

body scrub- hot items to sell
DIY body scrub

Here is a scrub idea: Luxurious peppermint scrub

11. Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are one of the popular crafts to make and sell online that you can make without investing a lot of money. These are easy to make and most people like a little “me time” in the bath, so they’re good for business.

Here is a simple tutorial to learn how to make a bath bomb.

12. Lip Balm

Lip balms are also inexpensive and simple enough for most people to make. You can find most of the ingredients at your local drugstore, so there’s no need for a ton of upfront costs or complicated equipment.

These crafts are surprisingly easy to make and margins are high, so you’ll be making a fair profit. DIY lip balm can cost around $0.12 per tube and sell for $3-4 per tube (average price).

Want to start a lip balm business? Follow this guide.

13. Scrunchies

Easy Hair Accessories And Crafts To Make And Sell For Profit

The pain of the usual hair ties is not something unknown to us girls. Random loss of hair ties and sudden breakage due to thick hair density is undoubtedly something we have experienced at least once in a lifetime.

And for that very sole reason(and many others), hair accessories have been popular products for a long time that you can easily make and sell for profit. 

Pretty colorful fabric scrunchies with exciting designs are certainly hot craft ideas for any craft business.

make and sell crafts - scrunchies
Easy scrunchies you can make from home to sell

These gorgeous black and white polka dot scrunchies are sure to give you those retro and vintage vibes!

Head on to this step-by-step guide to learn three different ways to make them and then add your own colors and patterns to boost your sales.

14. DIY Headbands

The handmade headband is another hot product that is always in demand. Check these beautiful DIY headbands that are easy to make and supplies are inexpensive too! It’s a practical handmade craft you can sell for profit from your home.

crafts to sell from home -Stylish Headband

15. Cute baby bows

Cute bows for babies are another profitable crafts to sell. They are in high demand and there is always going to be a little girl out there who wants her hair done up in one of these cute baby bows.

Having said so, there is heavy competition on Etsy and other online selling sites and it can be hard to get your product noticed among all those sellers. But if your product has what people want (and they can find it easily), then this niche market could be right up your alley!

16. Plush Toys

Making plush toys is the most profitable craft to sell because they are easy and cost-effective to produce. All you need is a needle, thread, stuffing material (such as polyester fiberfill), fabric of your choice, scissors, and time.

You can make a whole set of these in an afternoon or two with the right pattern instructions.

17. Wooden name signs for nursery

Wooden name signs are also one of the best crafts to make and sell because most people want them before bringing their new baby home.

wooden crafts to make and sell
wooden crafts to make and sell

And like most things, you can personalize these with a child’s name or a phrase that means something special for the parents such as “our little angel.”

18. Baby Milestone Blanket

Baby milestone blankets are a one-of-a-kind, innovative way to capture those precious moments of the month or during the baby’s first year of life. They make perfect gifts for new and expectant parents but also work as excellent decorations for any nursery!

Here is an easy DIY baby milestone blanket tutorial.

19. Baby Milestone Cards/Discs

Baby Milestone Cards are another trending craft to sell that many people like to buy. These cards can be the perfect gift for any Mum-to-be or a new baby! They have an area where parents fill in the information, such as date of birth, weight, and other details.

wooden crafts to make and sell
Trending crafts to make and sell

These cards also have space to document every special moment with these keepsakes that will last forever.

20. Mason Jars Craft Idea

Mason Jar bathroom storage DIY

This Mason Jar bathroom storage is an easy way to decorate a bathroom and give a little more storage room. Mason Jar crafts are one of my all-time favorites because they can be used for so many things and make the perfect handmade items to sell for profit!

Profitable crafts to sell: mason jar storage
Profitable mason jar crafts to sell

21. Mason Jar Pallet Art

It is one of the easy mason jar crafts you can make to sell for cash. You can paint mason jars on wooden pallets or anything else that looks good to sell for a rustic home decor look.

Make and sell- Mason Jar Pallet Art
Easy and profitable pallet art and crafts for selling

Another DIY craft idea is to mount a mason jar vase on the pallet to make this beautiful wall vase. This is really a nice idea and you can change the flowers as the season changes! Check out the easy tutorial at Unoriginal Mom.

Profitable Wooden crafts to sell

Also, check this cute DIY song lyrics wooden sign.

22. Personalized Door Mat

They are fun and inviting on any front porch. Read here to know how to make these customized mats.

easy Make and sell crafts
Easy make and sell crafts- doormats

23. Grass pebble magnet

Here is one of my favorite most profitable crafts to sell on the list – Glass Pebble Magnets by Stampinfool, made from pebbles!

50 magnets ready in 10 mins with about 300% ROI, they are the perfect crafts to sell in the craft fairs. These are also great for kid’s birthday parties, teacher thank you.

24. Wind Chimes

Who doesn’t like those soothing morning chimes along with a slight breeze touching the face?

This is surely one of the ideal and enchanting mornings out of all. These wind chimes provide a fresh start to the morning and refresh the mind with those mild sounds of the trinkets. 

wind chime, blue, transparent

These are quite popular in every modern house, and if you can just collect pretty stones and colors and other such materials, these are very easy and quick things to make and sell.

Refer to this website to know how you can curate a sun catcher wind chime.

25. Personalized Mugs that Sell Well

Well, be it phone covers or mugs, personalization can transform a simple item into an elegant piece. Among those, personalized mugs are quite popular things to make and sell. 

Handpainted Mugs

Aren’t these cactus mugs adorable? These are handpainted with painted by me pens, which means you can draw and write anything you want -perfect to sell personalized mugs.

Mugs with Marble Nail Polish Designs

Creating customized mugs is quite common. Why not try the only famous marble prints with our nail paints? 

make and sell- Mugs with marble nail polish designs
DIY marble mugs from home

You can use your nail paint to create a complete marble design in no time on mugs. These mugs are a luxurious addition if somebody is fond of collecting designer mugs, and this can undoubtedly be a great way to make money from home.

Check out these fantastic designs and a complete guide of some mugs with marble designs, and start with your craft project already!

26. Mug with Cricut Infusible Ink

Making mugs using Cricut Infusible Ink is a great idea, and these Cricut crafts can be perfect handmade things to sell.

Check some Cricut projects at the doodle craft blog, and this fantastic DIY project with Cricut explore.

Most profitable crafts to sell

27. DIY Photo Coasters 

Well, if we are talking about mugs here then in no way we can miss these personalized photo coasters; another easy-to-make and profitable craft to sell. With endless possibilities to create and customize, Check these photo coasters for inspiration.

diy crafts-comic-book-coasters
Hot DIY coasters crafts to sell

28. Watering Can That Pours Crystals

I am sure this is something garden lovers would love to have in their gardens. Follow these steps to make a unique item to sell in your local craft bazaar.

Profitable craft to sell
Unique craft to make and sell – Watering Can That Pours Crystals

29. Wooden Trays

If you need some inspiration to make wooden trays, head over to the drug store diva to find out more.

Most profitable crafts ideas
Most profitable wooden crafts to sell

29. Wood Burning and letter Carving crafts

The most profitable crafts to sell are ones that will last forever and make the most profit in return for your time put into making it. One example would be wood-burning and letter-carving projects. They can be as simple or complicated as you want them to be, depending on the tools that you have available.

Wood burning and letter wiring can be applied to a variety of crafts that are perfect as gifts: bookmarks, earrings, serving dishes, wall decor, furniture, signs for children’s toys, and more. It is a skill that you will use over and over again.

For example, you will be able to sell them as they are or customize the piece by adding a personalized message, such as “I love Daddy” for Father’s Day.

Check these free tutorials for more wood craft ideas that will sell like hot pancakes.

Here are some very good resources for you:

For more wood crafts, check another post on wooden crafts to make and sell.

29. Sew or Knit Scarves

Designer scarves are a common component in every wardrobe. Be it summers or chilly winters. Scarves can be easily styled and worn with almost every outfit. One color-blocked scarf has the capability of transforming the entire outfit significantly. 

Easy knit crafts to make and sell
Handmade scarves to sell – Etsy

Therefore, if knitting or sewing is your favorite pastime hobby, opt for making scarves of different colors and designs and sell them for profit. Try exploring with different fabrics and make unique designs, and you are sure to sell many in the lot!

Check out these tutorials for a step-by-step tutorial on curating infinity scarfs.

30. Chunky Knit Blanket

This chunky knit blanket is easy to make and has a good profit margin! Add some more colors and it will end up being one of the most beautiful items you’ve created this year!

DIY craft- chunky knit blanket
Knitting crafts

31. Tote Bag

A tote bag is quite popular as it is a simple and useful item that can be styled and customized according to needs. The good news is that it doesn’t need a considerable investment or expert skills and is a cool product to sell at craft shows and make money.

Tote bags- crafts that make money.
Make and sell crafts from home- Tote bags

Here are some classic inspirational ideas for handmade totes:

Leather Tote (Shopper and Shoulder) Bag

Ice Cream Cone Tote Bag made with block printing.

Classic Waxed Canvas and Leather Market Tote

 32. Pillows

This post won’t be complete without pillows and pillow covers as they are quite easy things to make at home and sell. 

Use old t-shirts or buy fabric yard from the store; homemade pillows are a huge hit among your customers if you make some stand-out designs and do some personalizations. 

Check these handmade handicrafts items/pillows.

33. Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are the sweetest holiday craft that you can sell for profit during Christmas! With plenty of personalization options and ways to decorate, you can make an incredible crafty ornament for a Christmas tree.

Profitable crafts to make and sell
Pinterest Christmas crafts to sell -Christmas Ornament

Related posts: 16 Stunning and Easy Christmas ornaments to make and sell

34.Mason Jars BBQ Seasoning Mix

This fun-labeled BBQ seasoning mix jar is an easy thing to make from home and sell. These could be popular gifts to sell on father’s day or Christmas for Grill lovers.

Things to make and sell
-Mason Jars BBQ Seasoning Mix to make and sell

35. Homemade Winter Air Freshener

Made with essential oils, these make easy Christmas crafts to sell. You can sell it alone or create a lovely gift basket with it.  

Things to sell from home-winter-air-freshener
Winter Air Freshener make and sell

36. Christmas Wreath

These are among the other hot selling crafts for holidays. Make them in your style, any particular theme, or customize them for your clients. They are undoubtedly one of the easy-to-make and best-selling crafts.

From Christmas garland to handmade wooden toy wreaths, there are plenty of ideas to make and sell for Christmas.

Christmas wreath

Hop on here to learn how to make a Christmas wreath for the next holiday season.

For more Christmas crafts, check these posts:

37. Leather Keychain

Key chains are always a huge hit among people and many key chain lovers always want to customize them with their name letters, names, pictures, or quotes.

Plus making keychains is quite mess-free and can be affordable due to low shipping and material costs.

This easy and gorgeous craft only takes a few minutes to throw together and the result is so cute! Use different kinds of fabrics, denim, or colors to add more variety to your store.

DIY Leather key chain

38. Resin Keychains

Customizable Resin keychains are always in huge demand as they are trendy and are quite easy crafts to make and sell for profit!

Resin Keychain-profitable craft to sell
Resin Keychains-most profitable crafts to sell on ETSY

Must check these Resin tutorials for more hot resin related craft ideas to sell

39. Kids wooden toys and Montessori toys

Kids’ wooden toys and puzzles are a great craft to sell if you love working with wood. You can customize the toy or puzzle by decorating it with paint, stickers, or even adding a personalized message to make it more special.

wood christmas gifts to sell
Toys that sell well

These toys can last a lifetime and they make for great gifts as well!

handmade Paper Crafts to Make and Sell

Other Notable crafts that make good money on Esty are

40. Handmade greeting cards

41. Handmade party supplies

42. Paper decorations including paper flowers

paper flowers to see

Digital products to Make and Sell

43. Selfcare journals

44. Trackers and goal planners

45. Customizable Party invitation cards

46. Wall arts -Nursery decor

47. Weeding invites

48. Budgeting sheets, planners, debt trackers

Pet crafts to Make and Sell

Americans are known to spoil their pets with lots of pampering. People are always searching for more creative cute pet crafts to do with their animals.

Check out these furry friend craft ideas below!

49. Pet clothes

50. Dog beds

51. Pet accessories and toys

How To Make And Sell Crafts From Home For Profit?

Before you dive into what crafts you will be making, you need to determine where and how you will be selling crafts. It is essential because it helps calculate your profit margin.

Find Crafts that Make Money

  • For starting a successful craft business, it is important to estimate business expenses that can incur while setting up your new business. Although there are many options to choose from but not all craft businesses will be profitable.
  • Consider items that can be made quickly or over a long period of time with materials already on hand, such as glass pebble magnets. I would suggest starting with 2-3 products and make varieties of the same craft.
  • Spend more time on your most profitable crafts to sell – this could mean not making as many projects of the less-profitable ones so you can focus more attention on what is most likely to make money for you in the end.

price Your crafts appropriately

Every craft business has overhead costs like startup costs (material costs, labor costs), selling platform fees, shipping costs plus some hidden tangible and intangible costs.

While deciding which craft you want to sell, take into consideration these expenses plus the time and input needed to make and further sell these craft items.

Consider reading this article about pricing your crafts.

Use Various Platforms to Sell

No matter what you sell always remember to be omnipresent and never put your eggs in one basket.

If you are really serious about your crafting business then also having an Etsy store is a must. Etsy is one of the most popular platforms to sell customized products and DIY projects.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Social media is among the most effective marketing methods that you as a small business should use to drive traffic to your craft store. However each social media platform is different in terms of audience demographics, selling power, customer taste, and type of content that work.

To find your ideal customer, first identify your audience (gender, age, income, selling power, etc), your goals, and study different platforms to choose the right platform for your business.

How to choose social media for your craft
Choose the right social media for your business
  • If you have an Etsy shop, be sure to post updates and new items on your blog for Facebook.  For example “I just added 20 more crafts to sell.” Posting frequently on social media will increase customer engagement which leads to more visits and higher conversions.
  • Offer freebies such as a “free shipping code”, “launch price” or “limited period” discounts on products that are already reasonably priced.  For example, if you make wood-burning projects, then give your customers 20% off when they purchase two or more.

Offer Good Packaging

Packing can be an opportunity to show off your most profitable crafts and make them a little extra special. It is important to pay attention to the packaging of your crafts when selling, as it can make a huge difference in whether or not people purchase.

Offer Great customer serice

Provide excellent customer service with quick response times when answering messages or emails – this will help grow trust among customers which in turn will increase profits.

From a recent study, 73% of consumers prefer brands with good customer service. Even if they can find the same product for less money, they’ll still buy from those businesses because of their good service

Best Places to sell Crafts That Make Money

Where to Sell handmade crafts Online?

Since it is the age of digitalization, these are the best places where you can sell your handmade crafts:

a. Sell on Etsy

Etsy is one of the most recognized platforms to sell your handmade crafts online. In fact, according to Statista, Etsy is one of the preferred platforms to sell handmade items; if you are not very tech-savvy and want a readymade e-commerce platform with a vast audience, then setting up an Etsy shop is the right choice. 

make and sell craftsl on etsy
Selling on Etsy

However, selling on the Etsy shop does require some fees (listing fees, transaction fees, shipping costs, and/or ads fees). You can check the latest costs here but generally speaking, it is quite affordable, esp. if you take into consideration its huge audience.

Etsy’s fees:

  • No upfront monthly fees
  • $0.20 listing fees
  • 5% transaction fees
  • 3% + $0.25 payment processing

b. Sell from your Blog- Be a Mom Blogger

Out of all the options available, a blog is undoubtedly the most profitable option available to sell crafts online. Well, running a general blog website can be entirely free, but to take it a step further for selling your crafts, you need to invest in a hosting company that can host your blog. 

If you are on a budget and need reliable hosting, I would recommend going for Bluehost or Hostinger. If you want top-notch service, Cloudways is an excellent choice. Cloudways backs up your website on multiple cloud servers and boosts for advanced caching tools to boost load speeds and performance and this platform.

Related read: How to start a successful blog and make money

Once you have reliable hosting, set up your blog and choose e-commerce plugins to sell your handmade goods

c. Sell on Shopify

If you don’t want the hassle of creating a blog and hosting, then signing up for Shopify to sell your crafts is a better alternative. 

You can easily create your profile there and start with the process eventually. However, you will need to drive traffic to your Shopify store. If you have hot craft ideas and do your Shopify store promotion the right way, you can get good traffic to your craft store and make good sales.

d. Sell on Amazon Handmade

Amazon handmade is a community for artists to sell their handmade products on Amazon. As the name suggests, you can only sell handmade products.

Make and sell crafts from home
Sell handmade crafts on Amazon Handmade

Fees: Selling on handmade is free (only 15% referral fee), but you need to apply to be an artisan on handmade to sell your homemade crafts. 

e. Sell on eBay

eBay is another good platform to make and sell things online (local pick up as well). eBay already has a considerable customer base, and you can easily set up a seller account on eBay. Like Amazon, eBay does not charge any listing fees but charges a final value fee (in %age) once your item is sold out. With eBay, you can sell your products locally as well where customers can pick up the items from your store.

Once you establish some reputation on eBay, you can also set up an eBay store to expand your craft business.

b. where to sell handmade items locally

If you don’t want to get into the mess of shipping your items, you can consider selling your things locally to make money. However, you might still need to post your craft ideas online (local channels) to get customers.

The few right places to sell locally are a Facebook marketplace, Facebook area-specific groups, Craigslist, apps like offer up, or eBay local. 

Besides promoting your craft business online on local channels, craft fairs, craft shows, and flea markets are also the right spots to sell your craft item and create brand awareness.

Most Profitable Crafts to Sell on Etsy (Best selling items)

Since Etsy is the one and only platform that sells creative crafts and handmade items, it is worth determining what are the best things to make and sell on Etsy and top-selling items for 2021 along with top Etsy sellers.

Let’s have a look at the best Etsy sellers according to eRank:

Best Etsy Sellers
Etsy best sellers

Final Thoughts on Making Money From Crafts that sell

It’s time to get creative. It might seem intimidating at first, but there are people out there that want and need your crafts!

A word of warning: no matter how great your product is, it’s not going to sell itself! You’ll need a strategy for getting people interested in your work, and this takes more than just posting about it on social media once or twice.

The most successful crafters I know have a specialized audience in mind before they start their business and make sure that everyone who sees them knows how to follow along with what they’re doing.

Remember that you’re making crafts for people who want them, not just for yourself.

I hope that this blog was helpful in giving you an insight into craft businesses and things you can make and sell for profit. Therefore, don’t hesitate any further and unwrap your hidden craftsmanship. If you have the zeal, you are all set to rock here and will surely achieve a feat in no time soon!

FAQ’S About How to Make Money from Crafts

Do I Need a Business License to Sell Crafts at Home?

If you want to pursue it as a hobby or don’t make any income then you might not. But If you want the right start and earn money, it is advisable to have a License.

Where Can I Sell My Crafts for Free?

For free you can try the local Facebook marketplace, local apps, Amazon handmade, or Groovesell.

Is Craft Business Profitable?

Yes, handmade crafts and DIY are popular products that people like to buy. A craft business can be very profitable and a way to earn an additional side income from your home. But to have a successful craft business, you have to choose a craft that people like to buy, and you can earn profit from it.

Apart from choosing a sellable craft item, strategic planning and brand promotion play important roles in making a craft business profitable.

What is the Most Profitable Craft Business?

Among all, the most profitable craft business is making and selling jewelry. Material costs for making handmade jewelry (like simple beaded jewelry) are less, and if bought in bulk, you can increase your profit margins. For expensive jewelry items, profit margins depend upon the quality of your product and the cost involved in the production.

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