Christmas Crafts To Sell: Best Selling Ideas To Make In 2024

Looking for Christmas Crafts ideas to sell in 2024? Here you will find the most popular Christmas crafts to make and sell in 2024 (inspired by best-selling Christmas crafts on Etsy and craft bazaars last year).

Christmas is a time of the year that brings people together. It’s also a time for families to spend quality time at home, cooking and crafting together.

And if you want to make some extra money in this holiday while enjoying making personalized gifts and crafts, then, in this blog post, I will show you the best DIY Christmas crafts to sell for profit.

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There are many Christmas crafts that sell well (really well) at craft fairs, bazaars located near your home, or even online market places like ETSY but finding the right information can be overwhelming.

To help you find the right Christmas craft, I have included some real Christmas bestsellers based on holiday sales reports from Etsy and 3rd party tools.

I am sure you will love them!

What can I make for Christmas to sell?

Here are the main best selling Christmas craft ideas to sell in 2024 from home:

  1. Christmas decorations ideas: Ornaments, wreaths, table centerpieces, wall decor, garlands, shelf decor, and rustic wooden decor
  2. Personalized Christmas gifts: Personalized ornaments, cards, stockings, gift baskets, placement mats, kids name puzzles, handmade cards
  3. Handmade Christmas theme clothes to make and sell: Ugly sweaters, pajamas, shirts
  4. Christmas printable ideas: Cards, Santa letters, gift tags
  5. Christmas gift baskets: Mix and match to any theme
  6. Christmas treats: Cookies, baking mixes, cakes, candies
  7. Christmas DIY cheap gifts and stocking stuffers ideas: Christmas jewelry, bath soaps, bath bombs, small candles

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What Christmas Crafts are selling Now?

Here is a snapshot I took IN Nov People are already shopping for Christmas gifts:

best selling cricut projects-wood puzzle
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Etsy Top-sellers

The best selling Christmas crafts according to the above snapshot from Etsy are:

  1. Personalized jewelry (Gifts for her)
  2. Personalized ornaments
  3. Wooden puzzles (Gifts for kids)

This website contains affiliate links which means we may earn commissions if you purchase through them (no extra cost to you). You can read our policies here.

Here are some of the best Christmas crafts to make and sell in 2024 for extra cash.

DIY Christmas decorations to sell in 2024

1. DIY Christmas ornaments

Making homemade ornaments and selling them is a great way to make extra cash. With a little time and creativity, you can create beautiful pieces that will sell for a profit.

Personalized ornaments are a great way to stand out from the competition.

These are always a huge hit on Christmas, and if you have a unique way of personalizing them, you will have a product people are willing to pay for.

Here is one easy idea to make personalized Christmas ornaments using a Cricut machine and vinyl transfer.

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Image credits: Where the smiles have been

Tip 💡: Look at the after-Christmas sales, and stock up on inventory when they’re discounted. Else this is a cheap pack to buy in bulk.

Cute Crochet Ornaments

What a cute holiday ornament to hang on the tree! This easy to follow crochet pattern will help you create a Christmas bell that’s colorful and fun for the holidays.

Crochet-Christmas-Bell-Pattern ornament
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Crochet Christmas Bell

2. Handmade Christmas Wreaths

Wreaths are another popular DIY Christmas crafts that you can make from your home to sell at the local craft fair or in your yard.

You can use different types of materials to create a wreath, making it a versatile and inexpensive option.

For example, if you want something natural and simple, try using pinecones wrapped with burlap or twine.

Or for a more colorful and Christmasy look, add any of these colorful Christmas embellishments like holly berries on the base to form a wreath.

  1. Reindeer Wreath by The Country Chic Cottage
  2. Christmas wreath with Vintage Cars by Lovely Indeed
  3. DIY Christmas Wreath With Buffalo Check by Home fresh Ideas
  4. DIY Bauble Christmas Wreath by Simplify Create Inspire
Christmas crafts to make and sell
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You can also check these PineCone Wreaths made from Pinecones.

If you want to make and sell a fresh wreath here is a video by one of my fav gardening-girl:

Wreath Making Basics! 🎄🥰❤️ // Garden Answer

3. DIY Holiday Table and shelf Decorations

Another craft idea that can do pretty well at craft fairs is a holiday table decoration or a holiday-themed centerpiece.

You can get creative with this one or even keep it simple by just painting some pinecones, holly berries, snowflakes, or whatever else and putting them together to make an appealing centerpiece.

Here are some ideas for holiday centerpieces.

1. Christmas tiered decorations

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Tiered decorations are very popular during holidays and they sell well on Christmas. The best part is you don’t need expensive supplies to create these amazing centerpieces.

There are many people who create these Christmas decorations from Dollar Tree items and sell them locally.

You can find many people selling them on Etsy as well (check these Etsy listings here).

Here are a few resources I found that can help you make these beautiful centerpieces:

  1. Dollar Tree Craft Ideas – A Facebook group for Dollar tree craft ideas from the real crafters sharing their creations and wins.
  2. Youtube videos and tutorials-

Here is another video to learn how to make 2-tiered Christmas Tray by KraftsbyKatelyn.

2. Make and sell DIY Christmas trees and other related home decor items

You can also make and sell small Christmas trees, or other Christmas-themed items for home décor.

  1. Sea Glass Christmas Tree DIY by Down red bid drive
  2. Primitive Christmas Trees by Mixed creations
Christmas crafts to make and sell
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For more Christmas trees ideas

4. DIY Holiday Garlands

Another Christmas craft idea to sell could be Christmas-themed garlands.

You can use a variety of materials to make your Christmas garlands, such as themed ribbons, burlap bows or anything Christmasy on a twine.

Check these DIY Xmas garlands ideas:

  1. DIY Gingerbread house Christmas garland by Tikkido
  2. Christmas Bead and Fabric Garland by Chicken Scratch
Christmas garlands to make and sell
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Professional looking DIY Christmas Garland 

Christmas crafts to make and sell
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Image: The craft patch blog

5. DIY Rustic Wall decor ideas to sell on Christmas

Many people are huge fans of rustic and farmhouse decor, making these great craft ideas for Christmas to sell.

Here are some rustic decor ideas to take inspiration from:

Rustic Wall Signs

Rustic wall signs are popular things to make and sell for Christmas.

Here is one wall sign for your DIY inspiration

Christmas sign
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Image credits: Honey I am home DIY

Christmas farmhouse wall sign

Farmhouse-themed decorations are always a huge hit.

People love to decorate their houses with farmhouse style as it prioritizes practicality, simplicity, and adds rustic charm.

This reversible (Thanksgiving and Christmas) wall sign is one of its own kind and I bet it can be your bestseller too!

christmas crafts to sell
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Image credits: Unoriginal Mom

Rustic DIY Christmas decor

christmas decor
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Image credits: Upcycle this DIY that

6. Personalized Christmas stockings

Personalized Christmas stockings are another popular DIY Christmas craft to sell.

You can customize them for individual buyers and make it their “family” stocking by including the person’s name at the top of each stocking.

Creating a personalized holiday stocking doesn’t have to be difficult – you can use pre-made stockings and personalize them by using fabric paint, embroidery hoops, vinyl stencils, or any other craft supply.

DIY Stocking ideas to get inspiration:

Quilted Christmas Stockings for the Entire Family by Gluesticks

DIY christmas stockings
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If you have a Cricut machine, here is a video tutorial on how to personalize stockings with the Cricut.

Handmade Christmas clothes to Make and sell

7. Ugly sweaters

The ugly Christmas sweater is a very popular trend in the holiday season.

You can make and sell ugly sweaters for families or customize them for individuals according to their favorite holiday movie, latest trend, TV show, or Christmas song.

Ugly sweaters can be a great hit at the Christmas craft fairs or online as a way to make money from home.

Don’t forget to add the latest fad and offer sweaters in multiple sizes so people can buy for themselves as well as their families.

For inspiration check out these ugly sweaters available on ETSY. These sweaters by tackyuglychristmas are just so so tacky (Amazing, I mean).

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Image credits: Tacky ugly Christmas (ETSY)

8. Christmas Shirts and Pajamas

If you love sewing and want to put your creativity to work for the holidays with low overhead costs, making matching PJs or shirts can be an easy option.

You could even customize tees by adding each person’s name or the family’s last name on the pair using your heat press machine.

This is an idea that would work well as extra cash in this holiday season – just think about all those families who like wearing matching PJs or dressing their kids with matching clothes.

Here is one tutorial on DIY sibling shirts for Christmas.

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Image credits: Unoriginal Mom

For graphics, I recommend buying a pack of SVGs from Creative Fabrica.

Wait!!! Do you own a Cricut machine? If so, you might like these 30 PLUS exclusive Cricut Christmas Crafts Ideas to Sell.

9. Christmas Printables ideas to sell on Etsy

Printables and digital downloads are some of the easiest things you can make and sell from home to make money.

And customizable Christmas printables are immensely popular on Etsy, especially for the last-minute gift shoppers.

The best part about this business is that you can resell the digital over and over again, year after year.

You could create downloadable wall arts, gift tags, letters to Santa Claus for kids…the list goes on!

letter to Santa Christmas crafts to sell
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Image source: Etsy

Creating different types of Christmas printables is easy and you don’t need to be a graphic designer.

I am not a graphic designer but I sell printables on Etsy using a really easy drag and drop free designing tool – Canva.

If you’re looking for more inspiration on what to make and sell from home, check out this free resource that includes the hottest selling ideas that will help you start your business.

Christmas treats and sweets to make and sell

Christmas festivity is incomplete without holiday treats. If you think of food-related things that can really sell well on Christmas, then these are the ones to take into consideration as they will make your pocket happy too.

10. Holiday cookie gift boxes

Make someone’s Christmas merry and bright with gingerbread cookies or holiday spirit butter cookies in different shapes. Pack them well in festive gift boxes, decorated with beautiful strings and tags.

Cute Rustic Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies

Christmas tree cookies
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11. Mason jar Christmas treats

Mason jars are a popular trend and the perfect jar for any Christmas Treat.

Fill them with your favorite homemade goodies like pies, cookies, cakes (cheese, bake/no-bake, shortcakes), candied nuts, or anything you are good at, and watch as they fly off the shelves in minutes.

This Chocolate and mint Grinch cake looks delicious and can be a perfect Christmas treat idea to sell locally.

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There is another gift jar idea -put all the baking ingredients needed to make a dessert in an adorable jar with instructions on how to bake it and wrap it beautifully.

Here is a simple idea for your inspiration: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix In A Jar:

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Related post: Real examples of Mason jar crafts to sell

13. Kids Treats ideas

Candy cane cake pops: Kids will be overjoyed to have these sweet treats. Making simple frosted lollipops in the shape of candy canes is a sure way for you to make kids happy and your pockets too!

Here is one cute candy cane reindeer pops idea to make

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S’mores kit: Kids love this one- a DIY Snack Mix Kit with graham crackers, chocolate bars, marshmallows and other treats inside these kits for the perfect DIY Christmas treat that sells well in craft fairs or local shops.

Candy cane marshmallows treat: These are the perfect DIY Christmas treats you can make at home to sell at craft fairs or bazaars.

Make them in a cute snowman shape or dip them in chocolate, they make a perfect treat for little ones.

Here is one candy cane marshmallow recipe for you:

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Best Selling DIY Christmas Gifts To Sell

These include things you can make and sell on Christmas as giftable items or add to your gift baskets. Some of these DIY items make great stocking stuffers too.

14. Handmade wooden toys to sell on Christmas

Do you know wooden name puzzles were one of the top holiday product sellers on Etsy in 2021?

These are surefire sellers because they’re a gift that’s made with love, not just bought in bulk from overseas factories.

They are a good choice for parents looking to make environmentally friendly Christmas crafts.

wood christmas gifts to sell
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Image source: Busy Puzzle (Etsy)

15. Holiday Gift Baskets

Holiday gift baskets are a wonderful way to make extra money from home.

Gift baskets are quite popular Christmas things you can make to sell in fairs or local marketplace (including Facebook marketplace).

You can create a Christmas theme basket with holiday chocolates, ornaments, and other assorted goodies that people will love buying for their friends and family members.

You can also offer personalized gifts in the form of wrapped packages containing homemade items like homemade treats, holiday candles, soaps, bath bombs, or anything you can think of.

Tip: To make your crafts more appealing to buyers with different budgets, crafting at various price points can help.

Christmas crafts to make and sell holiday gift basket
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If crafting gift baskets appeals to you, check out this book or follow Shirley George Frazier’s blog (world’s gift basket expert) for tips on starting and marketing your gift baskets.

Or if you live to create a gift basket with Dollar Tree items, check this video from a You-tuber who creates beautiful baskets with Dollar Tree products.


16. DIY Christmas Jewelry to sell at craft fairs or online

Handmade jewelry is one of the most popular items that sell well at craft fairs. It’s so versatile and customizable that you can make personalized pieces to sell.

The best part of making holiday jewelry to sell is that it doesn’t have to look expensive- just Christmasy!

Wholesale kits and supplies provide you with everything you need to make bracelets, rings, and earrings for Christmas.

For starters, resin or polymer clay jewelry crafts are the best options.

You can find plenty of Holiday themed molds (for resin) and cutters (for polymer) online to make Christmas jewelry to sell.

Christmas theme earrings and pendants are some of the most popular Pinterest Christmas crafts to sell!

*🎄 Name shape Christmas pendants were one of the best sellers in jewelry on Etsy in 2020.

17. DIY Holiday Candles to make and sell

Christmas Candles are extremely popular because they make a home smell amazing and you can’t have a Christmas without Christmas candles.

christmas candles
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You can make a variety of candles using different Christmas scents like cinnamon, peppermint, ginger, orange, or even frankincense and myrrh!

Don’t forget to add a little color and some decorative Christmas molds to make your DIY Christmas candles more festive.

If you are an absolute beginner, you can try making a few using candle-making kits available in most of the stores.

18. Christmas soap, bath bombs or body scrubs

The next Christmas craft you can make and sell for profit would be nothing other than these super cute Christmas-themed soap and bath bombs that are perfect as stocking stuffers!

You could even make a few soap or bath bombs that smell like peppermint, cinnamon, or gingerbread and look like Christmas tree or Santa!

Kids are sure to love them as gifts this year because they can be used in the tub with their favorite floating toy.

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Beautiful soap and candle molds on Etsy

Soaps and bath bombs are incredibly easy to make in different shapes and you can sell them in your local craft market for extra cash.

Make sure your labels are clear and that you include warnings about any allergens in your items.

Check these DIY ideas for these soaps, bath bombs, salts, and body scrubs.

  1. Christmas Peppermint Bath Bombs
  2. Gingerbread Sugar Scrub
  3. Candy Cane And Lime Swirl Bath Salts
  4. Homemade Candy Cane Soap

19. Christmas Advent Calendar

This advent calendar for kids is a great DIY that can become a family heirloom! You can make it into a nativity, or just stuff the pockets with little trinkets.

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Image credits: Lovely Indeed

20. Handmade Christmas cards

Handmade Christmas cards are another popular gift items to make and sell on Christmas. Julie, who owns an Etsy shop has shared this tutorial of handmade cards she sold on Etsy. 

💡 And you might be surprised to know “Christmas cards” was the top searched item among male shoppers on ETSY in 2020.

holiday cards to sell
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Image credits: Sum of the stories

21. Handmade Christmas gift wrapping

Not just handmade gifts, shoppers love handmade gift wrapping items as well.

Handmade gift wrapping ideas include handmade wrapping papers, paper bags, reusable cloth bags, gift card holders, paper gift boxes, name tags, and personalized wooden gift boxes with a CNC machine.

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Wooden gift boxes sold on Etsy

Check these DIY ideas for handmade gift wrapping:

DIY Christmas gift paper

handmade Christmas gift wrapping
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Image credits: Mod Podge Rocks Blog

Reusable gift bags

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Image credits: AppleGreen Cottage

Sewing Christmas Crafts to Sell

22. DIY Pom Pom Tree Skirt

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Image credits: Swoodson Says

23. Modern Christmas half square triangles quilt

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Image credits: Swoodson Says

Cricut Christmas crafts to sell

24. Personalized gardening toolset for gardening lovers

Looks like a cute gift idea for gardening lovers.

Personalized gifts are in trend and this easy Cricut tutorial can help you create this beautiful craft to sell.

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Image credits: Sustain My Crafts Habits

More Ideas For Christmas Crafts To Sell

25. Christmas/Santa treat tray

This craft looks fun and parents love to buy these trays for their kids. Wooden crafts are always profitable and you can find wood blanks online to customize with your Cricut or laser machine.

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Tray SVG Bundle

26. Mugs

Mugs are always hot selling crafts to sell and Christmas mugs are no different.

Cricut new mug press has made making and selling mugs and tumblers more easy and fun. You can find good quality blank mugs at a discount to create your designs to sell.

27. Christmas logs

These cute logs are another fun craft to sell at craft fairs.

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Image credits: Smart Girl DIYs

28. Rustic Stocking Holders

You can make these stocking holders to sell at craft bazaars.

Christmas craft to sell
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Image credits: Honey Bear Lane

29. Girls bows (hot)

If you have a Cricut machine, there is one best thing you can sell with Cricut at craft bazaars- stacked girls bows.

Cricut stacked bowa
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Christmas crafts to sell at bazaar Image credits: Sew Simple Home

30. Dogs Costume

It is no secret that pet owners love their dogs like their family members and don’t mind spending on them.

You can make these cute dog costumes for all those dog lovers.

31. Resin Crafts

You can make a lot of cool things with resin and it’s fun to work with when it comes to crafting. Things like coasters, art, jewelry, and some home décor items are all made with resin. 

Christmas Earrings tree
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One of the best selling mold for Christmas tree shaped earrings. Add glitter of your choice, you’ll have this glittery earring everyone will love!

Etsy Bestsellers in 2023 (Christmas Crafts Ideas To Sell)

Recently Etsy published its annual trends report for 2021 that included Etsy bestsellers for Christmas.

For best success in this holiday season, consider taking some inspiration from these Christmas crafts that did really well in 2021.

Here are the top Christmas products that did well in 2023 on Etsy. All these links lead to Etsy’s pick or best sellers.

Things to take care Making Christmas crafts to sell

Before you start crafting things to make and sell for Christmas, there are several things to consider that might help you craft a better business plan.

  • How much time and money do you want to put into the project?
  • For crafts with low-cost items: How many hours does it take to create and assemble one item?
  • For DIY Christmas ornaments: What is the production cycle (how many hours does it take me to create one item)?
  • Who is your target market for this product (friends & family or other people)? People who want to gift handmade Christmas items or want to buy for themselves?
  • What is the ideal market for this product? And where do you want to sell your crafts -at craft fairs, bazaars, from home, or online?
  • For holiday crafts to sell on Etsy: What can you make that will be easy to ship?
  • For any DIY Christmas crafts to sell near me (you): Do you have any personal connections who could be interested in your item but are not on the internet or cannot travel out of their home?
  • For Christmas crafts to sell at a craft fair: How many hours do you need to create your product to have enough inventory for the show?
  • For Christmas crafts that can be personalized: How many different designs or colors will you need to create? Can you offer variations of your creation so you don’t have to make the same thing over and over again?
  • For Christmas crafts to make for kids: Will this DIY project use any toxic materials?

Final thoughts on making Christmas crafts to sell at bazaar OR online

There are many Christmas crafts that you can make and sell for a profit. You will find something to suit every taste in this list of DIY Christmas crafts with a few creative ideas.

From the more traditional crafts like making Christmas stockings or fun and creative handcraft projects like creating gift tags, there are several options to choose from.

Have you tried selling any Christmas crafts yet? Let us know what they were and how you sold them.

Do you want to add any other Christmas craft ideas to the list?

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