30 Best DIY Mason Jar Crafts To Sell In 2024 (Real Examples)

Looking for mason jar business ideas? Here is a list of the most popular mason jar crafts to sell based on what people love and actually buy like crazy.

It is no secret that mason jars are extremely popular and highly versatile containers used to create a wide range of items, including practical storage solutions or charming home decor crafts.

And because mason jars are so much in demand, they can be used to make a variety of things that are perfect for selling and are sure to sell like hotcakes!

How is this list of mason jar crafts ideas to sell made?

I am a data-loving person, so instead of throwing a round-up of random mason jar crafts, I took things one step further by analyzing what mason jar crafts are selling and are popular among customers.

That’s why in this list, you’ll find popular keywords, some important tips, and even some real examples of mason jar crafts that sell and make money.

mason jar crafts to sell
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You’ll also see clickable links to a few mason jar crafts tutorials (in case you want to learn how to make them).

I’m sure you’ll find some great ideas to sell, so please pin or save the post for later, and do let me know in the comments.

mason jar craft ideas to sell
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Types of mason jars ideal for crafting

Mason jars come in different sizes (and lid shapes), so which one you should use depends on what project you are going to make.

But in general, these are the most popular types of mason jars that crafters use to sell:

  1. Ball Mason Regular Mouth Jars  

These are the most common type of mason jars and come in a variety of sizes, from 4 oz to 64 oz. They have smooth sides making them ideal for painting and crafting.

Pint size (16 oz) jars: The most common jar size for decor items, candles, or painting.

Quart size (32 oz) jars: making storage caddies, dispensers.

2. Mason Wide mouth Jars  

4 oz jars: For making small favor gifts or candles.

3. Mason Jar Cups/Mugs

These 16 oz mugs are suitable for cold liquids during summers.

4. Sublimation mason jar blanks

For making personalized mason jars using sublimation.

Mason Jar Steel Tumblers: These are stainless steel tumblers for both hot and cold liquids.

Mason Jar Froster Tumblers: These are frosted glass tumblers suitable for cold and hot.

Can you make money selling mason jar crafts?

Yes, selling mason jars can be profitable if you do your math first.

I have seen mason jars selling for as low as $5 to as high as $100 depending upon the uniqueness, design, and of course, the type of creation.

To give you some idea, here is an example:

A painted pint-size mason jar that costs about $2.50 sells for around $5.50 (without factoring in your other supply costs, time, and other overhead prices).

I am really not so impressed with the ROI of this particular example, but if you sell a set of these painted mason jars or add more decor elements to make them more unique, you could potentially make a lot more money.

Let’s look at more examples:

These decorative Christmas-themed mason jars sell for $11 each, while a set of three goes for $28.

To increase your ROI even more, you could offer customizations (color, size, adding little decoration element, names) to make them more unique and relevant to customers’ needs.

To make real money with mason jar crafts, you need to understand:

  • What are buyers looking for?
  • Create something unique that they can’t find in every store
  • Offer upsells like personalizations and bundles
  • Customize your products to meet seasonal needs

Where to sell your Mason jar crafts?

There are lots of places where you can sell your mason jar crafts. Here are some of the most recommended options:

  1. Etsy: One of the best online marketplaces for handmade crafts. You can read more about selling on Etsy here:
  2. Online Amazon handmade: A marketplace like Etsy
  3. Facebook marketplace and local Facebook groups
  4. Craft fairs, farmers market and local markets
  5. Craft shops, handicraft stores, or gift shops in your local area
  6. Your e-commerce website like Shopify store

Mason jar crafts to sell

Below is a list of some most popular mason jar craft ideas that you can make and sell for profit based on what is actually selling well right now.

Painted Mason Jars

One of the easiest mason jar crafts to sell to make money is painting mason jars with chalk paint. 

chalk painted mason jars

Custom Chalk painted mason jars are extremely popular as people buy them to make their own decorations like vases and centerpieces or to add them to their gift baskets.

💡You can also add twine or a burlap to increase your cart value. 

💡If you are selling any painted mason jar craft, I recommend you to coat your jar with a sealer to make the paint last longer.

What you will need: Mason jars in different sizes (half-pint, pint, and quart), chalk paint, sealer, twine

Popular Etsy Examples: You can see some beautiful examples here or buy for your next project.

Mason jar candles

We all know candles are always popular in every season but what makes mason jar candles so special is that they can be used as decoration even when they are not lit.

mason jar candle ideas to sell
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Mason jar candles by She’s crafty and she knows it

Simple, rustic soy candles are one of the best-selling items to make and sell from home as people buy them for their homes or to give away as housewarming gifts.

You can even make custom seasonal candles with different scents like pumpkin spice, peppermint, or citrus to make them more festive and attract more buyers.

What you will need: Mason jars, candle making kit, choice of essential oils (optional)

Size of the mason jars: 8 oz or 16 oz tend to be the best sellers for personal home decor or gifts.

Popular Etsy Examples: Here are some inspiring rustic mason jar candle real examples and a tutorial to learn more.

Mason jar favor candles

Selling personalized small (4 oz) mason jar candles is another hot idea that gets sold in bulk.

Couples love throwing rustic-themed weddings or baby showers, and what can be better than giving away these charming little mason jar candles as favors to their guests?

What you will need: Mason jars 4 oz, twine for a bow, and a candle template to make custom labels.

Popular Etsy Examples: Here is a cute little bundle

Mason jar tissue dispensers

Mason jars are not only for canning; you can also use them to store your tissues stylishly. “Bless you mason jars” as tissue dispensers/holders are quite popular to make and sell on Etsy.

mason jar tissue holder
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Mason jar tissue holders by Day to day adventures

You can make them to suit different seasons, like this Christmas-themed one.

What you will need: Quart-size mason jars, upright Kleenex tissues, supplies used for painted jars (above)

Popular Etsy Examples: Here are some bless you mason jar examples

Mason jar utensil holders

The mason jar caddies are great for kitchen organization/storage and can be used as a decorative item on the table or countertop.

mason jar kitchen storage
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Utensil Caddy by Yesterday on Tuesday

These generally sell at higher prices, and offering customizations (like the choice of colors and tags) can further increase your profit margins.

mason jar utensil holder
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Mason jar utensil holders by Salvage sister and mister

What you will need: Quart-size mason jars, a planter box, chalk paint, wood stain, and sealer

Popular Etsy Examples: You’ll love these stunning utensil holders

Mason jar Crafts for bathroom decor

Adding mason jars not only adds a farmhouse feel and beauty to any home decor but also serves as a great bathroom storage solution to sell.

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Mason jar bathroom organizers by A cultivated nest

People use mason jars to store cotton swabs, cotton balls, makeup brushes, bath salts, or make soap dispensers.

mason jar bathroom storage to sell
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Mason jar bathroom organizers by her-happy-home.
bathroom storage mason jar crafts to sell
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Bathroom storage mason jar crafts by Crafts by Amanda

💡 Sell them in sets with custom colors to make extra money, as they are always in demand.

What you will need: Mason jars in different sizes based on the project, chalk paint, soap dispenser unit for mason jar, cute knobs

Popular Etsy Examples: Check these amazing bathroom storage mason jars here

Mason jar wall sconces

Mason jar wall sconces are one of the most loved rustic home decor items.

You can make them with or without lights. If you plan to include lights, LED tea lights or fairy lights work best as they don’t get hot and are safer to use.

Tealights are also great to use as they are relatively inexpensive.

What you will need: 2 mason jars, reclaimed wood, LED tea lights or fairy lights, jute twine, screws, and nails (optional)

Popular Etsy Examples: Check amazing sconce ideas here

Personalized mason jar mugs

Selling personalized mason mugs with custom quotes or designs or monogram is another great way to make money with mason jars.

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DIY Etched Mason Jar Glasses by Sometimes Homemade

These custom mason jars are quite hot selling items on Etsy. The make great wedding gifts for grooms and are very popular.

There are three ways you can personalize mason jar mugs to sell:

  1. Using Cricut and adhesive vinyl
  2. Etch your glasses with this etching kit
  3. Use a laser engraver

Also read, Things to make and sell with Cricut

Mason jar Sublimation jars

If you are looking for a trending craft to sell, then sublimation mugs are one of the best things you can make and sell.

mason jar sublimation
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Mason jar sublimation design by PNGCraftDrive

Sublimation crafts are getting very popular, and there is a huge demand for them.

Sublimation supplies are no doubt a little costly, but the convenience of making them at home and the possibility to sublimate almost anything makes it a very lucrative business idea.

What you will need: Sublimation Mason jar blanks, sublimation printer, mug press machine, sublimation inks, sublimation transfer paper

Where to get PNG files for sublimation? You can get free files from Creative Fabrica or buy from Etsy. These Creative Fabrica files come with a commercial license, so you don’t have to worry about copyright issues.

If you want to buy from Etsy, search for “sublimation designs png” and there are tons of results to choose from.

What Can Mug Press Make? Mason Jars In Cricut Mug Press - Sublimation vs Infusible Ink

Mason jar Decor ideas To Sell

Mason jars are the perfect decoration for any home. People use them as a table centerpieces, mantle decor, or even display them on a shelf or accent table.

Rustic Christmas decor

Adding a touch of mason jars is a great way to add some farmhouse charm to any festive decor.

You can make them use as vases for fresh greenery, as candle holders, or even fill them with festive treats.

What you will need: Mason jars, chalk paint, twine, jingle bells or other Christmas themed decorations

Popular Etsy Examples: Check these decorative mason jar Christmas centerpieces

Christmas Snowman Mason Jars

Related reading: Christmas crafts to sell

Frosted snow mason jars

Glittery/frosted snow-looking mason jars are seasonal items you can make to sell during winter. 

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Frosted snow mason jars by A piece of rainbow

People use them as candle holders, vases, decorative Christmas ornaments, and even Christmas-themed wedding decor.

What you will need: Mason jars, glitter spray paint, Mod podge, Epsom salt

Sunflower mason jar centerpieces

Painted mason jars with sunflowers are great hit during summers on Etsy. There are so many ways you can make them to offer something unique to your shoppers.

mason jar sunflower
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Image: Etsy

What you will need: Quart size mason jars, chalk paint, artificial sunflowers, burlap, rustic buttons, wooden planters etc.

Popular Etsy Examples: Check Sunflower mason jar centerpieces

Fall Mason jar centerpiece and decor Ideas

Pumpkin Mason Jars to sell in Fall

Halloween Mason jar centerpiece and decor Ideas

Farmhouse Style Crate Centerpiece

Live Laugh Love Mason Jars For Farmhouse decor

Mason Jar Lights and Lamps 

From solar lamps to led light-up fairy jars, there are all sorts of mesmerizing mason jar lights you can make and sell.

People love to buy them for outdoor parties or add magical fairy light feel to any room.

What you will need: Pack of fairy lights (like this), mirror effect paint, or a solar kit, mason jar handles (depending on your choice of project)

Popular Etsy Examples: See these magical fairy light examples here

Mason Jar Solar Lights

Hanging Solar Mason Jar Lights

hanging solar lights
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Hanging solar lights by Joyfully treasured.

Ready to make your unique Mason jar crafts to sell?

I hope this blog post helped give you some creative mason jar ideas to get started. 

Mason jars are much loved by people of all ages, and there’s a good market for mason jar crafts. But that doesn’t mean you should jump on the bandwagon and start making them without doing your research as well.

  1. Be unique and offer something different to stand out from the rest.
  2. If selling on Etsy, do good keyword research. Use free tools like eRank to research.
  3. Pictures matter a lot! Take high-quality pics and create good listing images.
  4. Factor in shipping charges, as mason jars are heavy!
  5. Use social media; Insta reels are big these days.

Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or suggestions. I would love to hear from you. 🙂

Happy Crafting!

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