16 Easy Christmas Ornaments to Make and Sell in 2024

The Christmas season is fast approaching and it’s time to get your Christmas ornaments ready for the holiday!

In this blog post, we will explore 25 unique but easy Christmas ornaments to make and sell in 2022.

These are all simple Christmas crafts that anyone can do – even if they don’t consider themselves crafty. I have gathered the ideas from DIY ornaments that are sold on Etsy and local stores. Some of these are the best selling ornaments I found on Etsy.

And the best part is that you’ll be able to make and sell these DIY Christmas ornaments as a way of generating some extra income during the holiday or use them as DIY Christmas decorations.

How to start DIY Christmas Ornaments to Make and Sell?

Christmas ornaments are a popular gift to give during the holidays. Making your own ornaments is an inexpensive way to make money, but also a great way to express yourself creatively.

There are many different types of materials that you can use for making ornaments, including glass beads, paints, glitters, and old buttons, etc.

Before starting to make and sell any Christmas ornament, it is important to plan so that you are ready for Christmas when it comes.

Christmas ornaments are usually sold in the months of November and December, so start preparing now to be ready for Christmas.

  • Create a plan for how many ornaments you will need to produce and when they should be ready.
  • Get supplies needed to create your first batch of ornaments (including materials, tools, and any additional costs). Try to buy in bulk if you can to save money.
  • Start making your first batch of ornaments and follow through with the plan accordingly.

Where To Sell Your Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Christmas markets and craft fairs during the Christmas season would be great places to sell your handmade Christmas ornaments.

If you aren’t interested in selling at these events, then you can sell your ornaments online on:

  1. ETSY (get free listing here with free starting an Etsy store checklist)
  2. eBay
  3. Facebook Marketplace
  4. Amazon Handmade

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Christmas ornaments are a fun way for anyone to express themselves creatively. Christmas ornaments represent the Christmas spirit and tradition, so it’s important to make sure that yours are perfect for any Christmas celebration!

Here is a list of handmade easy Christmas ornaments to make and sell. Each of these ornaments is unique and would be an awesome craft for home decor or sell during the Christmas season to make some extra money from home.

1. Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments

These might not be for everyone as my post says but they are so so gorgeous that I had to add them to the top of this list. I absolutely fell in love when I first saw them on ETSY.

These hand-painted Christmas ornaments are so unique that they’re sure to capture everyone’s attention. You’ll be able to customize each ornament and these ornaments make a special keepsake!

Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments to make and sell
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Here are few good videos to learn how to make these gorgeous hand-painted ornaments:

DIY Painted Christmas Baubles – Lacy Floral Designs using brush embroidery techniques

DIY Painted Glitter Ornaments 

2. DIY Personalized Glitter Ornaments

These DIY Christmas ornaments are perfect to make and sell. Personalize them so you’re sure to get the best one suited just for your customers!

Easy Christmas Ornaments to Make and Sell
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Easy Christmas Ornaments to Make and Sell

3. Glitter Ornaments

Make these customizable shimmering ornaments that light up at the touch of a button with clear glass ornaments and vinyl stripes from Dollar tree!

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4. Resin Christmas Ornaments

This tutorial will guide you through the process of making these elegant resin Christmas ornaments that can be sold for profit throughout the Christmas season.

These are perfect and easy Christmas Ornaments To Make And Sell this Christmas.

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5. Rustic Star Christmas Ornaments

Get ready to feel the holiday spirit with these beautiful rustic star ornaments that you can make and sell on Christmas. This style of Christmas ornaments is sure to please rustic decor lovers.

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6. Charming Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

These stunning farmhouse Christmas ornaments are so easy to make and sell that you can make these with your kids.

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7. Wood Slice Snowman Ornaments

Make these adorable DIY Christmas ornaments that you can sell easily online or in craft fairs. These are so simple to make, a beginner crafter should be able to do it.

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8.Napkin Ornament

Another wooden ornament that you can make with little or no effort.

These ornaments are easy enough to make with Christmas-themed napkins and would make some excellent gifts for friends and family members, which could also double as Christmas ornaments to sell at your next craft fair.

Napkin Ornament
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9. Granny Square Crochet Ornaments

If you know how to crochet, here is another way for you to make Christmas ornaments. Granny square Christmas ornaments make a beautiful finished product, that is sure to sell at your next craft fair!

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10. DIY Rustic Christmas Ornament Jars

These Christmas ornaments are perfect for those looking for an easy DIY project during the festive season. Make these jars ornaments with your kids and they’ll easily sell for a profit!

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11. Handmade Felt Star Christmas Ornaments

These Christmas ornaments are so simple to make and they’re sure to sell for a great profit. These felt Christmas ornaments would be perfect if you’re looking for an easy project this season!

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12. Wood Slice Christmas Ornament

This unique Be Merry rustic wood slice Christmas ornament is a cinch to make and looks beautiful when displayed. Perfect DIY Christmas ornaments to sell for farmhouse decorations.

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13. Fabric Christmas Ornaments Made With Homespun Fabric 

These Christmas ornaments are so cute and perfect for a beginner. These Christmas ornaments are made with homespun fabric that you can buy at your local craft store!

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14. DIY Coastal Christmas Ornaments

If you’re looking for Christmas ornaments to make and sell that are a bit more on the coastal side, then these Christmas DIY coastal ornaments would be perfect.

These ornaments will give your décor the feel of being by the sea with bits of driftwood found on a beach.

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15. Salt dough Christmas Ornaments (Popular Pinterest Christmas crafts)

Salt dough Christmas ornaments are a great DIY Christmas project for those who want to make and sell their own holiday decorations.

These Christmas ornaments are perfect if you’re on the lookout for an easy handmade project that will sell well at your next Christmas craft fair. Kids will love these Christmas ornaments, and you’ll be able to make a profit!

In this video tutorial by Simply Dovie, you can learn how to make these adorable ornaments. These are versatile ornaments. They can have any shape and be embellished with your favorite Christmas decorations.

16. Personalized wooden Christmas Bauble ornaments

If you’re looking for the hottest selling Christmas crafts to make and sell, these are the ones! These are one of the best sellers on ESTY. With letter engraving, you can personalize these ornaments and sell them for profit.

Christmas Ornaments to Make and Sell
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 Personalized ornaments are a great idea for DIY Christmas gifts and keepsakes. They can be customized with your own name, year of birth, first initial, and the last name you go by (example: Susie Jean Smith).

Final thoughts on Easy Christmas Ornaments to Make and Sell

These Christmas ornaments are perfect for those looking to make and sell their own Christmas decorations.

They can be customized with your favorite Christmas decor, are easy to make, and are an excellent profit-maker.

If you’re on the hunt for Christmas crafts that will sell well at your next craft fair, then these Christmas ornaments would be perfect!

More Ideas on Money Making Crafts:

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