21 Things To Sell To Make Money Fast: Sell Stuff For Cash

Things To Sell That Make Money Fast
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Do you want to make quick cash like $100 or more? Or wondering, ‘What Can I Sell To Make Quick Money?

If this sounds like you, this post on things to sell to make money fast will give you tips on how to turn your household items into cash in less than an hour.

Explore the best things you can sell to make money quickly!

Most of the time, we talk about starting a side hustle like blogging or freelancing full-time to make money online.

These are no doubt great ways to make money, but these plans take time to build up. And sometimes we need cash fast like right NOW or in a day to pay some bills. 

Hence, instead of looking at ideas that may seem like taking ages to make money, let’s take a look at things you can sell to make money fast without much effort.

There are many clothes or other household items in your closet which can be turned into cash. So let’s get creative and transform your closet chaos into a financial boon.

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What Can I Sell for quick cash?

Here are a few good things you can sell to make quick money or make some extra cash fast from home.

  • Books
  • Old clothes
  • Branded Accessories
  • Electronics
  • Bikes
  • Baby gear
  • Toys
  • Old gift cards
  • Tools
  • Music instruments

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How to make money from home (Real and legit ways)

Things to sell to make quick money/what can i sell to make money?
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Things to sell that make money fast

21 Things To Sell To Make Quick Cash from home in 2022

Here are the best household items to sell to make money from your home. Check these household items to sell for fast cash and learn how to make quick easy money.

1. Books

If you’re a heavy reader, you might have some books lying around that are just taking up space. These books that you’ve read could be worth a lot to someone who hasn’t yet read them.

Things to Sell that Make Money Fast
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Books: Things to Sell to Get Money Quick

From old textbooks to Harlequin romance novels, there’s a market for any type of book, and you can make quick cash from home selling them.

Web sites like Book Scouter allow you to enter the ISBN and see how much money your book is worth in seconds. You can also use local bookstores or eBay as an alternative to sell old books that you no longer need.

2. old Clothes

Old Clothes especially, kids’ ones are the best things to sell to make quick cash. Since kids grow so quickly, you’ll often find that clothes you bought a few months back simply don’t fit anymore.

The best thing you can do is to sell them to help with the cost of growing out.

Things to Sell to Make Money Fast
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Things to Sell to Make Money – old clothes

It’s a similar story with adults’ clothes as well- we buy things off the rack without thinking about how fast it will change our size. Things like jeans can go from fitting to feeling too tight in just a few months.

If you have some high-end items to sell, you could try selling on Mercari, thredUP, or Poshmark.

You could also try out thrift stores or local consignment shops as an alternative but make sure that the clothes are in good condition before you sell them.

Recommended reading: Best places to sell clothes for cash

3. Jewelry

If you have any jewelry lying around that is no longer being worn or used, it is time to put it up for sale. Things like necklaces, old engagement rings, and earrings can be a goldmine if you’re looking to make quick money from home

If you’re looking for a jewelry buyer, try using local pawn shops or consignment stores to sell your items. It is always recommended to compare offers at various stores before you sell any jewelry.

You can also use sites like eBay or Etsy as an alternative way to find buyers who love the type of items that you’re selling. You can also add a sign-on delivery and additional insurance to the shipping costs for your peace of mind and prevent any scam.

For those who plan to sell their jewelry, I recommend reading this article beforehand so that you know what to expect and how to price your jewelry.

4. Electronics

If you have any old electronics lying around that no longer work, it’s time to sell them for their parts! Things like laptops, iPods, and iPads can be worth a lot of cash if they are still in good condition.

You might not want these items taking up space in your home, and there will always be someone willing to buy them.

If you’re looking for a buyer, sites like eBay, Facebook are always an option. There are other ways to make fast money without any of the risks. For example, trade-in sites like Gazelle or Amazon Trade-In offer you a significant return for your old item.

5. Bikes

If you have a bike that is taking up space in your home, it can be worth a lot of money to someone who is looking for a bike. Things like mountain bikes or BMXs might not seem common, but they can sell quickly for extra cash.

One of the many things to sell that make money fast is children’s old bikes because they outgrow with time. These used bicycles provide a faster return than other items, and many people prefer to buy an old bike than pay the higher prices of new ones.

If you’re looking to sell your bike, try using eBay, offer up, or Facebook Marketplace as an alternative place to find buyers for old bikes and cycling gear. You can also post on your local next-door app and share pictures to find potential buyers without spending any money on advertising!

6. Baby gear and accessories

Baby stuff like strollers, cribs, changing mats, and car seats are a few things you can sell to make quick cash. You may have these items in your home or garage that is only taking up space, or your child doesn’t want them.

While they are expensive when you first buy them, things can get out of hand if the cost is not taken into consideration over time. Things like car seats can be worth quite a lot if they are still in good condition and don’t have any damage.

Think about that cute baby seat hanging toy you bought or a baby gym that you no longer need because your child has outgrown it. I am sure another mommy in need would appreciate buying them. 

Sites like OfferUp, local mom Facebook groups, or baby consignment stores are always an option to find someone looking to buy these things from you.

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7. Old CDs and DVDs

CDs and DVDs are things you can sell to make quick cash. Things like old-school CDs, old movies, or music albums may be worth more than you think!

Disney tapes are often sold because some people like to collect these items, and they can be worth a lot of money!

If you want to get rid of your CD collection try using sites like eBay, where there will always be someone who wants to buy them.

You can also find buyers on Facebook or Craigslist for items like CDs and DVDs if you have enough time, as they are not always the fastest option.

8. Furniture

If you have furniture that is clogging up your garage or if you upgraded to a bigger couch, it’s time to start making some money! Furniture items are among the best things to sell to make fast cash.

Things like sofas, beds, and tables are always needed if they’re still in good shape! Things like office chairs can be worth a lot of money if they’re in good condition and have many years left on their guarantee.

If you want to make money quickly without any of the risks, try using sites like Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp, where people are always looking for cheap deals.

9. Toys

It is a great way to make money if you have old toys in your home. We all have boxes filled with old toys that their kids don’t play with anymore.

how to make wuick money
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Things to Sell to Make Money Fast – old toys

 If you have old toys cluttering around, try finding a buyer on sites like eBay or Offerup, where many buyers are looking for deals! 

Things like Lego sets can be worth quite a bit if they’re still in the original box and haven’t been played with yet.

Things like Barbies, LOL collectible dolls, Hot Wheels, Star War figures, and other collectible toys can sell quickly for extra cash-sometimes even more than they were worth when they were new. For example, A rare Star Wars toy collection was sold for $500,000 at an auction!!

I found these interesting articles on collectible toys that are worth a read if you have old toy items in your home:

34 Collectible Toys and Their Value Today

35 Things From the ’90s That Are Worth a Fortune Today

10. Gift cards

You can sell unused gift cards on sites like CardCash, Cardpool, and Raise to make quick cash.

These sites buy gift cards at a lower cost and then resell them for less. For example, you can get up to 92% of the original value of a card.

11. Video games and gaming systems

Many people have old gaming systems or games that they no longer play. Gaming systems like Nintendo Wii, Playstation, and Xbox are popular things to sell that make money fast. 

The best way to sell these items is by using sites like eBay, Offerup, or Craigslist.

Just make sure you find the right buyer for your gaming system and games because they can be worth a lot of money if they’re still in good condition!

For example, things like Xbox One and Playstation PSs that have less than six months left on their guarantee will sell quickly.

12. Sports equipment

Sports equipment can be a great way to make money quickly. Things like soccer balls, footballs, or basketballs can all sell easily because people are always looking for sports gear!

If you’re not sure what your old sporting goods will go for, check out sites such as eBay, offerup, or craigslist.

13. LUXURY Bags, purses, and accessories

Bags, purses, and accessories are things that can be sold to make quick cash. If you have any old accessories that are not being worn anymore, try listing them online for a quick sale!

Things like designer bags or branded purses can go for a lot of money!

If you’re not sure what your bag or purse is worth, try checking sites like eBay, REBELLE to see if it’s something someone would be willing to buy.

Make sure that there are no signs of wear before trying to sell it online! Accessories like watches, belts, or jewelry can sell quickly when they’re in good condition.

Got a cool luxury watch? Sell it at thewatchbox.com.

If you got more luxury fashion accessories, check out Rebelle, Poshmark, Mercari, tred up and eBay- all of these are good places to sell your luxury fashion products.

14. Fitness equipment

If you have fitness equipment collecting dust in your garage, then these are the perfect things to sell to make quick cash.

Things to Sell to Make Money Fast
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Things to Sell to Make Money Fast

Things like treadmills or elliptical machines can be worth selling to make money fast if they’re still under warranty and not being used by someone else!

Sites like eBay offer great deals for things like these that people often buy refurbished.

15. Tools

Rather than letting tools collect dust, put them to use by putting them on the market.

Some of the best things to sell that make money quickly during the spring season are gardening tools and other home improvement accessories.

Things like shovels, rakes, and snow blowers all sell quickly during the winter months.

16. Homedecor items

Homedecor items are things that may not be worth much but can sell quickly. Things like farmhouse decor items, antique lamps, or vases are few things that may be worth selling to make quick cash.

Things like painting or artwork can also sell quickly if you find the right buyer online. Rather than letting these items collect dust in your home try selling them online for quick cash!

17. Small kitchen appliances

Small appliances are things that often get forgotten about when cleaning out your kitchen. Things like toasters, blenders, and coffee makers can all be sold for a profit!

If you have any small appliances waiting for your attention, try selling them to make some quick cash.

You might not think they will sell well, but sometimes these items can provide a valuable source of income when the time is right.

Things to Sell to Make Money Fast- Household items to sell for quick cash
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Household items to sell for quick cash

18. Holiday decoration

If you’ve recently moved or are just simply getting sick of your old holiday decorations, then selling these things can help you make money quickly. Things like Christmas trees and other winter-themed items will sell with ease once the holidays come around.

There’s no need for them to collect dust in your home when they could provide a valuable source of income.

19. Scrap metal/recycling

Scrap metal is an item that people often forget about when they’re cleaning out their homes. Things with copper, aluminium, or plastic can all be sold online to make quick cash!

Take a trip to your local recycling center and see what you have there before trying to sell it on the market.

Things to Sell that Make Money Fast
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Things to Sell to Make Money Fast- scarp material

20. Unwanted gifts

Have you ever been given a present only to find out later that it’s not something you want or would use? Then why not sell them to make quick cash?

Selling items that are still in boxes can be a great way to make quick cash and cover your winter home-keeping expenses. A lot of people are looking for these things during the winter months as they’re preparing their homes and offices to be ready for guests or coworkers.

21. Music instruments

Music instruments can be a great source of income if they’re in good condition. Things like guitars, drums, or violins can all be sold to make money fast!

Different types of instruments will sell quickly depending on the niche they’re in. Things like trumpets can be worth more than things like maracas!

Just keep in mind that you’ll need to have them checked for sound and tuning before accepting any offers. Things like violins will also require a certificate of authenticity to be provided with the sale.

If your instrument is worth more than $1000, then it’s best to sell it through an auction site rather than online.

Things to sell to make quick money
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Things to sell that make quick money for extra cash fast

More things to sell to make money

  1. Wedding dress
  2. Moving boxes
  3. Craft supplies
  4. Unused diapers
  5. Old beddings
  6. School supplies
  7. Unused utensils
  8. Party supplies
  9. Other Baby supplies
  10. Extra Plants
  11. Outdoor furniture
Things to Sell to Make Money Fast
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Things to Sell to Make Money

What are the easiest things to sell to make money right now?

Following are the easiest things to sell among the list:

  1. Branded clothes and bags
  2. New in box toys during holidays
  3. Ikea kids toy storage
  4. Kids themed furniture
  5. Diapers
  6. Tote boxes

Whether you’re looking to clean up some clutter, or jump-start some extra cash for a rainy day, it’s time for your unused things to find new homes.

Recommended Best Places for Things To Sell to Make Money Fast

There are many places online that allow you to list your items to sell. When I moved out of the United States in 2019, I had the stuff of around 3–bedrooms with a fully packed garage to sell within 3-weeks. 

Yes, just 3-weeks! Therefore I used many platforms to sell all our household items, and based on my experience of selling a large number of items – these are the best places to sell your things online or good enough for your time.


Out of all places, I found Facebook was the best place to sell your things to make quick cash, and thanks to Facebook, I was able to sell 75% of our belongings with no extra fees.

You can make a free Facebook account (if you don’t have any), then start adding things that you want to sell on the Facebook marketplace and local Facebook groups pages. 

Selling on Facebook is completely free, and you can offer free pickup to save time.

To find a Facebook group, type your county name or local area name with keywords ‘buy and sell’ or ‘yard sales’ in the search bar, and many groups will pop up in your feed. 

Tip: If you are selling on the marketplace, always check the buyer’s rating and profile (real or fake).  And if you are selling things in a local Facebook group, then make sure that the “ticket” is up to date and follows the group rules.

You can also check Facebook marketplace selling etiquette to help you save heaps of time and energy.

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Offer up

Offerup is another great place to sell your things, and it’s free for local pickup.

You can list items for sale and choose the category that best relates to your item (e.g., clothes, furniture). 

And there is an option to include shipping with some additional fees.

The best thing about Offerup is that you can set your own price and accept offers. You can choose if you are open to negotiating the price or not.

Tip: Always deal with verified users to avoid scams.


This site has been around for a long time, and it’s the safest way to sell something big. There are fees associated while selling on eBay but if you are planning to sell your things from home, then it is completely worth it.

I found eBay was a way better place to sell your electronics, and we sold most of our electronics (Bluetooth music player, TV, or Ring outdoor camera) on this platform. If you are shipping items, eBay provides discounted shipping labels too.


I came across this website a little later, but I really like Mercari because it was easier to sell clothing and other branded things on Mercari. We sold some of our children’s clothing and branded luggage on Mercari rather quickly as compared to other platforms.


I found very little success with Craigslist, and it was such a slow process. I had to rely on email and time-consuming phone calls, and there are so many scams on Craigslist that you have to be very careful.

What can i sell to make money fast?

Whether you’re looking to clean up some clutter or need some extra cash for a rainy day, it’s time for your unused things to find new homes.

However, selling your things for quick cash is not a permanent solution. It’s best not to rely on these items alone for your income. Rather, try to find a stable source of income and create a budget.

If you haven’t started budgeting yet, check my free printable budget worksheet.

Here are some resources that can help you improve your financial stability.

  1. Trade your time while taking care of your kids with these stay-at-home mom jobs/ Jobs for homeschool mom.
  2. Find a side hustle (good paying jobs)
  3. Start a small, low-cost craft business from home.
  4. Make and sell things from home:

Recommended More things to sell to make money from home:

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