How To Sell Feet Pics Online And Make Money (Safely in 2022)

Want to know how to sell your feet pictures for money? When I first learned that a woman made $70,000 selling feet pics, I was totally surprised. Then, I started researching more about this unusual business and found that selling feet pictures is one of the legit ways to make money from home.

This complete guide is the one you need to make money selling feet pictures online in 2022.

I will cover all the necessary details on how to sell feet pics online as a beginner to make extra money from home including:

  1. Where to sell foot pictures safely?
  2. How to make money selling photos of your feet (legit ways)
  3. Things to take care while selling foot pictures
  4. Best tips to make good money with your feet photos in no time.
Table Of Contents
  1. how much can you make selling feet pics?
  2. Is selling feet pictures legal?
  3. how to sell your feet pictures for money?
  4. Where to sell feet pics in America?
  5. Where to sell feet pics online?
  6. A) Sell Feet Pics on Social Media Platforms and Make money?
  7. b) websites and apps to sell your feet pics
  8. tips for taking and Selling Feet Pics for money
  9. How to sell feet pics online without getting scammed?
  10. FAQ’S Related to How To Sell Feet Pics Online and make money
  11. making money selling feet pictures

How to Sell Feet Pics
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Do you have cute and groomed feet?

Well, if you just said yes to any of these questions, there is a killer way you can earn money with that!!

You might be wondering if this even makes sense, but hold on…

This might sound bizarre, but numerous people have earned quite a lump sum amount just by selling feet pics online. I am not bluffing.

According to NYTimes, in the year 2017, a woman made more than $70K a year just by selling feet pictures. It was 2017, and it is 2021 now. Things have changed, and the metrics are even higher.

According to another news article, a Canadian woman, Jessica Goud, earns more than 90K per year by selling foot pictures on Instagram.

You might think this is a crazy idea of course, but you can also make money selling feet pics (or even by selling your hand pictures).

For now, let’s dip our toes to learn how to start selling feet pics for money.

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how much can you make selling feet pics?

The total amount of money you can earn by selling feet pictures depends on many factors like the platform you are selling, your customer base, and how much the client is ready to pay.

You can charge anywhere from $5 to $100 for photos of your feet depending on the quality and requirements of the buyers.

You can start by setting up a price point and gradually increase the cost as time goes on. This way, you can easily earn about $500 per day or even more.

If this sounds like something that would not happen, there are people who sell feet pics and make more than $1000.

The power of social media and influencers is undeniable these days. The only efforts you need here are good marketing skills and generous clients. And you are good to go.

Is selling feet pictures legal?

Yes, it is completely legal to sell feet pictures online in countries such as the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK, etc. However, it can be illegal to sell feet pics depending on where you’re located.

For example, selling these pictures could get you into trouble if they are taken in the Arab region of the world with laws against photographing women’s faces or other parts of their bodies without permission.

There are a couple of things you should follow:

  1. You can only sell photos of your own or someone else’s feet who has given you permission to do so.
  2. You must be at least 18 years old to sell your feet photographs.

how to sell your feet pictures for money?

Follow the steps below to sell feet pictures online for money. I have discussed all the steps in detail in this post.

  1. Learn how to take feet pics in different poses and take good quality feet pictures
  2. Choose a safe and reliable platform to sell your feet pics
  3. Learn how to sell pics ‘safely’
  4. Use social media to drive traffic to your foot photos
  5. Sell your feet pics on different platforms (test, test and test)

Where to sell feet pics in America?

Well, there are several ways by which you can make money selling feet pictures in America and other countries where this is a legal business.

While America, the U.K, or Australia are the best markets to sell feet pics; selling your feet picture is a lot easier now with the help of social media.

With a good amount of social media followers, and an account on one or more popular stock image sites such as Shutterstock, Stock, and so forth – you can get some serious cash flow by selling pictures of those precious feet!

You can sell feet pictures online via:

  1. Social media platforms
  2. Websites and apps designed to sell feet pics
  3. Stock photo websites

Where to sell feet pics online?

Here is a look at how to make money by selling feet pics using different platforms. Let’s explore the best ways of selling your feet pictures and how you can start with these methods.

How to Sell Your Feet Pics
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Make money selling feet pics

A) Sell Feet Pics on Social Media Platforms and Make money?

Social media is an excellent option for selling feet pictures and making money. Selling your photos of your feet using social media accounts like Instagram or Facebook could be the ticket to earning some quick cash.

Let’s dive into more details about each one of these places to sell feet and explore how to sell feet pictures online.

1. Instagram

A how-to-sell feet pics guide is incomplete without mentioning Instagram. Social media has an impeccable power of spreading information and awareness about different services and items.

sell feet pics on instagram
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sell feet pics on Instagram

You can never go wrong with Instagram! It is excellent for sharing pictures and videos. You can also socialize and communicate, and therefore it is one of the best places to grab some clients for selling your feet pictures. 

The steps you need to follow for selling feet pics on Instagram are:

a. Create a business Instagram account

You can either create an Instagram new business account or switch it to a business account if you already have an existing individual account. 

Business accounts have incredible features like Instagram Shopping, wherein you can quickly get more exposure for your feet pics. They just click on the tag, and it will transfer your potential customers onto the actual product page, which is excellent for converting them into final orders.

One of the most important features of an Instagram business account is its Instagram insight which you can use to get a better understanding of how your account performs and other metrics that are pertinent to sales.

b. Grow your account

1. Make sure that your profile has a consistent tone and voice. Add a bio description and mirror it with what your account is about felling feet pics, match it with any other social media channels you have, and is written in first-person. 

Your whole profile should be something that follows your style in other social media channels but sounds different enough on Instagram so that it doesn’t blend into the crowd of accounts with very similar content. 

2. Use hashtags in each post to increase discovery by those who are interested in the same topics as you are. An easy way to find more such hashtags is to go to the search panel of Instagram, type a few words such as “feet”, feet pics”, etc., and you will see loads of results on Instagram feed.

A few common hashtags used for feet pics are :

#feetpics: 1,569,584 posts

#feetfetishworld: 2,038,934 posts

#feetsgram: 43,458 posts

#feetlover: 748,240 posts

#feetmodel: 1,315,876 posts

c. Add content and be consistent

Add fresh content with a regular posting schedule to increase followers and engagement. It is important that you choose the right size for your pictures, as this can make or break whether they’ll sell or not; use a high-quality camera with at least an 18-megapixel rating.

Also be sure to crop out anything in the background of each picture so that it’s just your feet unless there’s something special about what’s behind them (i.e., shoes).

Remember to take good care of yourself by using a moisturizer regularly – every day if possible! That way people will know you’re serious when you say “feet pics sold here.”

Another standard method to gain Instagram followers for your business account is by socializing more with other people. Follow them and drop a text regarding your online business. There are high chances that at least 3 out of 5 will follow you back!

2. How to sell feet pics on Facebook?

Facebook is a great place to sell pictures of feet. If you take some time and put in the effort, then you can make a decent profit from selling pics on Facebook.

The key to selling pictures on Facebook is consistency and interest groups. Find an active group with at least 100 members in the niche you want and post your pics there. Make sure to follow the group rules or you will be thrown out of the group.

I’ve seen some of the craziest stories on Facebook lately. That’s why it is so important that you use Paypal or another safe transaction platform instead of Zelle, Cashapp, Venmo, etc.

The steps to earn money by selling feet pics on Facebook are:

a. Create a Facebook Business Page

Create an account with the Facebook Business Manager page before posting any content on Facebook. Pages have advanced analytics and options for managing your posts.

With page, you can maintain your privacy and sell your photos without disclosing your personal information.

You can also try promoting using Facebook Ads- start a campaign and target people interested in feet pictures or similar content. Use targeting tools like location, interests, connections.

You may also want to create lookalike audiences from an existing audience of feet pics buyers that you already have on Facebook groups and add them as one of the targets for this ad.

Pr-tip: One of the best resources to learn about doing business on Facebook is the Facebook blueprint.

b. Join a Facebook Group

Be it private or public, You can easily join a Facebook group, post your attractive feet pics there and gain more customers from there. You need to be effing consistent here. Else, you might lose out on the competition.

Remember to add your contact details or website details right below the post every time for your viewers to contact you if they want to buy feet pictures.

To find Facebook groups that focus on selling feet pics, search through the different groups by typing in “Sell Feet Pics”. Some of these are for beginners looking to make a quick buck off their junk while others have high standards and only want premium photos from you!

c. Create a Facebook group

You can also create a Facebook group of your own and start posting different pictures of your feet pictures. Try adding more members into the group for maximum traction. 

3. How to sell feet Pictures on Twitter?

You might be using Twitter to get updates on the current news and other statuses, but you can also use it to earn money! Here’s how:

a. Grow your Twitter follower base

Twitter is not a visual platform like Instagram and Facebook. Hence, one of the well-proven strategies to gain followers on Twitter is by gradually funneling your follower base toward your product website. 

b. Create content

You first need to create relevant content and use specific hashtags such as #feetpics, #feetpicsforsale, etc. You can use these to make them more searchable and find potential buyers! This will gradually grow the engagement, and more people will be aware of your business.

You can also check the pages of your competitors to gain more insight regarding their activity for sales.

Hashtags will also help get the attention of influencers in niches that have an interest in what you do; they may even retweet your picture to their followers! So don’t be afraid to experiment with different tags until you find one that works well for you.

Follow by collecting their emails and sending them daily newsletters since email marketing has proven to increase customer retention rates over time. 

4. How to sell feet pictures on Snapchat?

Snapchat is crazy popular for the filters. There are millions of people who currently maintain a Snapchat streak, and you might be one of them too! Why not leverage such a wide audience base into our profit and sell pictures of feet?

Here’s how you can sell feet pics on Snapchat:

a. Use your public Snapchat account

If you already have a public Snapchat account, try posting relevant pictures and videos and gradually attract all the people with foot fetishes.

You need to be highly consistent here since all of the content disappears after 24 hours. Hence, you ended to frequently keep on posting your content so that people can always view your feet pictures.

For $0.99, you can buy “My Story” which lets your pictures stay on the app for 24 hours. Your account will show up at the top of the story feed in chronological order and viewers can tap to see any picture or video from it.

b. Funnel them

If customers are interested in your feet pics, they will directly text you or go to your website if it is linked to the photos or videos you are posting. This is the beauty of funneling your customers! After this, you can directly lock in the deal and get your clients confirmed!

c. Create a Premium Snapchat account

Another option for you is to create a premium Snapchat account. The difference between this and the previous tip is that instead of having your snaps available in “My Story” they are saved within your account with no time limit.

A Snap premium account is the perfect way to make money from feet pics and videos.

A premium Snap account is just a private account where you can grant paying customers access to your content and charge your subscribers! Usually at $5 for one month or $50 per month depending on what type of content they want to see.

Customers will expect new content every time so not only do you have to keep posting but also manage subscriptions in order to avoid getting overwhelmed with messages asking when their next monthly payment will be processed.

This is where different types of management services come into play so as not to worry yourself with managing subscriptions or customer service inquiries.

FanCentro offers an excellent subscription management platform where they take care of all those pesky subscriptions so you don’t have to worry about anything other than generating content (which is what entrepreneurship’s all about anyway).

5. How to sell feet pictures online on tik-tok?

Tik Tok is one of the best social media sites to make money with your feet. It is a very popular app on iPhone and Android phones for making short videos of yourself, friends, or pets that are only 15 seconds long.

To find success selling feet pictures online on Tik Tok, you need to understand what type of person will be interested in it who also uses this app because if they don’t have it then there isn’t much point in posting here

Tik Tok is most successful when you use hashtags which means putting words before the # symbol and including them at the end of your post so other users can easily search for posts related to those terms

Most Popular Hashtags for feet pics on TikTok you can use:




Tips on felling feet pics on Tik Tok:

  • It’s important not to post the same video over and over because viewers will get tired of seeing it from never being able to watch anything else. That means that if they see something popular more than once in Tik Tok then they lose interest after a while and stop watching altogether”.
  • Try creating short videos and display your feet pics. Add multiple feet pictures within the 15 seconds videos. Make it fun and entertaining for your viewers. This way, you can grasp the attention of your viewers, and your potential viewers will click on your profile which will then redirect to your contact details or website. 

b) websites and apps to sell your feet pics

Apart from selling feet pics on social media platforms, you can use third-party websites and apps to sell feet pictures. There are a few dedicated websites for selling feet pics and are considered the best places to sell.

6. Instafeet

How to Sell Feet Pics
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Instafeet is a foot fetish website where you can sell feet pics. You upload photos, write a description, and set the price in US dollars (minimum of $0.99).

If someone likes your pictures of your feet, they’ll buy them with their credit card which will be processed by PayPal or Stripe.

Instafeet takes a 10% commission from every purchase you make so it’s better to include that within the picture description as well for transparency purposes.

How to sell your feet pics on Instafeet

  1. Create an account on Instafeet. You have to submit application to join the site, and not everyone gets approved.
  2. Upload a photo. Start with 5 pics minimum. Write the description.
  3. Set your price.
  4. Send the link of your picture via email or text message to friends who might be interested in buying them from you.

If someone likes your pics they can buy them with their credit card through PayPal or Stripe – this will cost them more than just clicking “like” because there’s now commitment involved but that’s how selling works!

Tips for selling feet pics on Instafeet

The more feet pics you have uploaded, the higher rank you’ll get in their search engine – which means your pic might even go viral! It’s all about quality content so make sure that every picture is nice-looking before uploading it.

7. How to sell feet pictures on FeetFinder?

The site Feet is a trusted website where you can sell feet pics with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Create an account today by filling out the necessary details. The verification takes just a few hours, and then you can start posting ads of attractive feet pictures. 

Don’t worry. The pictures will be slightly blurred to prevent any issues. Your viewers need to give offers, and you can accept or reject them as per your interests and get paid. 

How to Sell Feet Pics and Make Money
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sell feet pic on feet finder

However, just like any marketplace, Feet Finder also deducts a stipulated amount as a fee for using their platform for selling your products. You can start withdrawing your amount once the balance reaches $30 as per the guidelines of FeetFinder.

Is FeetFinder safe?

The safety measures of both the buyer and the seller are top-notch. Feet Finder verifies the identity of their customers and thereby saves them from any possible scams on both ends. There are different types of payment ways that your buyers can opt for. And all of them are completely secure. It meets all the security standards such as Payment Card Industry(PCI) security council, etc. This ensures completely safe transactions.

*FeetFinder is rated 4.8 on the Trust pilot but I will not go by the reviews on the Trust pilot as these look like reviews from new users trying to get customers.

8. How to sell your feet pics on Foap?

How to Sell Feet Pics and Make Money
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Sell Feet Pics On Foap

Foap is an app that lets you sell pics captured on your phone. You can set up an account for free and upload as many pictures as you like, including the ones of your feet.

If you prefer a mobile-based application to sell beautiful feet pictures, then Foap is the best choice. Their audience base is mostly from the US and is pretty huge.

The average rate for selling a picture is about $10, which is then split (50:50) as platform fees. If you can make a hit and trending photo, you can easily earn money right from the same pic on a regal basis which is incredible! 

And this app has been featured on popular websites like ABC News, CNN, BBC, The New York Times, and Mashable.

Foap transfers the amount directly onto your PayPal account, which is very seamless.

How to sell feet pictures on Foap

  • Download the mobile app (free)
  • Create an account on Foap
  • Upload high quality pictures for sale
  • Price them (usually $10)

By taking photos for Foap Missions or participating in Premium Missions, which may be unlocked with Foap coins, you can earn more money.

9. Whisper App

Whisper is an anonymous foot picture app available both on Android and iOS with over 250 million monthly users from all around the world.

You can join it under a fake name but you must be at least 17 years old.

The main disadvantage of selling your feet through the Whisper App is that you won’t be able to receive payment on their site.

There have been reports that this had a data breach, raising a lot of concern so just be careful.

How to sell feet pics on Whisper App

  • Download the App
  • Upload your feet photos
  • Use the comment area to discuss with potential purchasers
  • Share secure payment method to sell your photos

10. Sell on Dollar Feet

Since we like to add different varieties of options for you to choose from, DollarFeet is another very popular feet picture selling marketplace that is widely used nowadays.

Dollar feet is a site that is dedicated to selling feet pictures. If you’re a foot model and want to know how to sell feet pictures, then Dollar Feet has tons of information on the site for you!

For dollar feet. you need to apply as a model and once accepted you can upload your pictures or videos. They pay $7-10 for each video which means you can get $30-50 for 5 videos.

Unlike many other platforms, you need to show your face with Dollar feet.

11. feet pics on onlyfans

Onlyfans is a site where members pay a monthly or yearly fee to see exclusive content from their favorite celebrities. So the best way to make money off of your feet pics is by selling them on this site only for fans that want it.

The charges can be set as per your interest. You can charge anywhere from $5 to infinity.

You have complete freedom here. However, don’t just get all excited and set the price bar soaring high right from the beginning since that might reduce your chances of sales.

Start from a beginner-friendly price range and increase it as your get better reviews and ratings over time.

But, OnlyFans takes up about 20% of your income as their fee as their commission charges which is quite high if compared to the other marketplaces.

Overall, OnlyFans is a great marketplace but requires a lot of dedication and consistency. You need to post pictures and videos frequently to grow your engagement and keep your subscribers satisfied.

12. Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the popular places to sell feet that is mostly used for businesses. It can help connect buyers and sellers of different communities together. The average visitor count to craigslist is even more than 15 million currently.

Hence, it is quite powerful to use for selling your feet pictures.

How to sell feet pics on Craigslist

a. Build ads

Start by creating new ads for your feet pictures. Have a very straightforward approach. Mention words like “Ladies feet pictures” or “feet pics for sale” etc. Such keywords will help you gradually attract buyers over time.

Ensure that the pictures you are posting on your ad are attractive enough to grasp the attention of your viewers. 

You can also look for other similar ads, take inspiration, and create your own ad. 

1 / 1 – How to Sell Feet Pics and Make Money
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sell feet pics on craigslist

Use forums

Craigslist has a community or forum that you can use to engage with your viewers. You can answer the queries and doubts of your potential buyers and build their trust simultaneously. This will also increase your authenticity and will make you more reliable. 

Apart from that, craigslist gets more traffic in their forums in comparison to their ads. Hence, there are propitious chances that you can actually persuade your buyers here with minimal effort.

13. Sell Feet Pics On Etsy

make and sell craftsl on etsy
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Sell Feet Pics On Etsy

Etsy is another place to sell feet pics. It’s a marketplace for handmade or vintage products and you can find anything on there from handmade crafts, jewelry, home decor, or digital printable.

You don’t need any approval process as you would with other websites so it’s very easy to sell your feet pics on Etsy.

Etsy has more than 80 million active buyers and sellers making it the go-to place for anything handmade or vintage.

Etsy selling fees

Etsy charges you 20 cents every time you post an item for sale on the site. Every picture is there for 4 months, or until someone buys it. People interested in your feet pictures should visit the Etsy website and search for “feet pictures” on Etsy’s search bar.

Etsy takes 5% of what you make at the end of a sale and sends bills to you in the mail every month by the 15th of that month. The payment processing fee is 3% plus 25 cents per sale.

You can sell foot pictures as digital downloads on Etsy. Selling foot pics on Etsy shop is one of the passive income ideas to make money online.

Tip: You can also send your social media traffic to your Etsy store for selling your feet pics.

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14. How To Sell Feet Pics on stock photo sites?

You can make money by selling feet pictures to different stock photo websites too. They have many visitors on the website every day and are looking for new pictures.

If you are new, you could sell feet and other pictures to stock photo sites like Pexels, Canva, and Shutterstock.

shutterstock sell pictures
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The first step in selling on a stock photo site is uploading your pics. To upload, you will need to create an account with the website and select what type of membership you want (basic or pro).

Once that’s done, all you have to do is find “Stock photos”, click ‘upload files’ and then choose which photos you want to upload.

You can also choose how much of a copyright violation fee (PIR) you are willing to pay if someone were to take your photos and sell them themselves on the site.

15. Sell on Zazzle

Zazzle is an online marketplace to design and sell your creative products. So, if you have any unique idea you can take good photos of your feet and put design som on T-shirts or other items

tips for taking and Selling Feet Pics for money

Now that we know where photos of feet can be sold, let’s examine how to sell a photograph safely and successfully.

1. Take care of your feet

This is an important detail that may seem a little obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. As you spend most of your day on two feet, they can get dirty or sweaty and start to smell if left unwashed for too long.

So be sure to give them the attention they deserve by washing regularly and moisturizing with foot cream.

how to take care of feet
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2. Get good quality Feet photos

You want to make sure you have the best quality photos for your feet so that they’re more likely to sell. So be sure to take pictures in natural light and with a high-quality camera. If you use your phone, be sure to use the “selfie” setting and zoom in on your feet.

For people who want to get started selling feet pictures online, here are some tips for you:


Use natural lighting instead of artificial lightings (you get better quality).  Avoid taking pics in the dark or direct sunlight.

Feet photography background

When taking the photo make sure you have a clean background. When taking selfies from phones, make sure there’s nothing in front of the foot that will distract people from looking at the foot pictures: no books or other objects should cover up any part of either foot.

Avoid too many different colors in the background – you want them to be able to use your photos on any color palette.

Try to use props when taking feet pics (flowers, painted nails, etc). It will make your pictures more professional-looking. Some of the common props include candles, flowers, jewelry, or spa items.

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3. Editing

Try to use as little editing as possible – it’s better if the buyer is able to adjust colors according to their preferences themselves after purchase. But do edit out any imperfections such as cuts/brushes from stiletto heels or tags.

4. Learn how to take good feet pics

Learn different foot poses to take good feet pictures. The more angles you have for buyers means you have better chances of a sale. So it is worthwhile to learn different foot poses.

feet poses
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feet poses

These feet poses for pictures are quite popular:

  1. Botton of the feet
  2. Foot selfie
  3. Top of the feet
  4. Feet up in air
  5. Arched feet

Photographs taken at different times (morning vs evening) provide more variety.

Take pictures of both feet, not just one.

5. Hashtags are must

Utilize hashtags when possible so as not to have people swipe left because they don’t know what type of feet pics they will see, but do make sure to only tag pictures within their appropriate category so that it doesn’t get confusing buyers who follow too many tags at once.

6. Captions are friends

Don’t forget to include a caption with your feet pic, so people know what’s going on in the picture and can use that information when deciding whether or not they want to purchase it!

The more captions you have, the better chance of someone finding one that is appropriate for their needs–plus, then buyers will be able to search by keyword if they are looking for something specific like “feet pics”.

Avoid Copyrights issues

Be mindful of copyright infringement laws; this means no posting anyone else’s images without permission from them first.

How to sell feet pics online without getting scammed?

Some people who want to buy your feet pics will try to scam you. It is important to be careful when making any transactions online so that you don’t get tricked.

Here are a few tips for how to sell feet pics safely:

1. Stay Anonymous and Avoid using your real name

Use a pen name or nickname if you are not comfortable with putting your full name out there.

Create an unidentifiable username and profile pic for yourself to use on all of the different social media sites where you will be selling photos, including Instagram.

Remove any personal information that can identify who you are from your online profiles so as not to have people track down what other accounts belong to you! This includes removing tags on public posts, location data in pictures (i.e., geotagging), etc.

Verify that all of the account passwords do not match each other or anything else such as your email address because this might make it easier for hackers to gain access to other accounts.

Use a different email address for your photo selling account than the one you use for personal emails and such, to keep them separate from any spam or viruses that might be sent there.

Never post anything on social media platform sites that would identify what city you live in–just stick with generalities like “near (insert big city here)” or something similar. Of course, we want viewers of your feet pics without knowing where we are.

2. Use reputed sites only

Only use sites that have a good reputation to sell your feet pics. This will help to ensure that you don’t get scammed by people who might try to take advantage of you.

3. Be careful about how much information you share

When you sell photos of your feet, it is important to be careful how much information you share with buyers. Don’t give out any private or sensitive financial data online.

Some people will try to trick you into sharing too much information or they might ask for other kinds of photos that are not feet pics, so be careful how you respond to this kind of request if someone is trying to buy your images online.

4. Be cautious about how you share your pictures

Make sure that the buyer has agreed upon all the details before sending any pictures. It’s important that you protect your work by watermarking all of the images before sending them off to any potential buyers. This will ensure that no one can take credit for your pictures without permission.

5. Getting Paid

Avoid payments through gift cards at all costs. If someone wants to pay with a gift card, it might be stolen or counterfeit. The customer might cancel the payment once they get the photos.

To get paid for your feet photographs, use secure payment methods such as Paypal, transferwise, or Venmo. These have seller protection policies that will help to ensure you get paid for your work.

FAQ’S Related to How To Sell Feet Pics Online and make money

Who buys feet pictures?

 If you wonder why there is such a tremendous demand for feet pictures, let’s check out a list of places where feet pictures are most popular and used.

Stock photography websites

Stock photography websites are the one-stop destination of most bloggers and news publishers of health articles, journals, etc. They either pay for each photo or pay a monthly subscription payment.

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These are also used for affiliate marketing, wherein they get paid by clicking on the picture links.

When you upload your feet pics to any stock photography website, you will get paid whenever someone downloads the full image. You do not need to deal with direct clients here.

Feet Lovers

Feet fetishes are common even if most people do not admit it. However, it is certainly not taboo.

The population of people with a foot fetish is large. Thus, the demand is quite inevitable here.


Still, arts are some really popular types of paintings. Many artists and painters even buy feet pictures for their reference or as an inspiration for their art. 

Hence, you never know, your feet picture might be someone’s inspiration tomorrow! 

Foot modeling Agencies

Different agencies are keen on collecting attractive and beautiful body parts, and feet pictures are just one of them. They use these feet pictures for publishing in magazines or promoting their products.

Even foot models are required for various movies that depict foot fetishes such as Heartbreakers, Big trouble, Cherry Falls, etc. There are foot models that get paid more than $500 to $800 per hour! 

  1. How much should I charge for pictures of my feet?

    You can charge between $5-100 depending upon your experience, customer base, and client requirement.

  2. Do you need to pay taxes while selling feet pics?

    Yes, indeed. Just like any other regular business, you need to pay taxes on the money you earn by selling feet pictures since this is considered a regular business income.

    Thus, when you start earning, it is advisable to keep track of all the payments for tax purposes if required.

  3. Is FeetFinder Worth it?

    Yes, FeetFinder is worth it if you want to sell pictures of your feet online. is a well-known site that offers users the ability to sell their feet pics online (or for free) and they offer everything you need, including an easy interface, customer support staff who are always available for any questions or concerns, as well as models in over 130 countries around the world!

    FeetFinder is an excellent option for new sellers because they are one of the few feet pic websites that offer free membership to those just starting out!

    Many people earn their living selling feet pics online, which means that there are many other people who have found their way to success in this niche. That’s why it is so important to get started right away with FeetFinder and start earning your own money!

  4. Is there a market for men’s feet pics?

    Yes, you can sell men’s feet pics too but the demand for women’s feet pics is on the higher side.

  5. Why should I sell pictures of my feet?

    Well, are you looking for a creative way to earn extra income? Feet pics are the new rage that is getting popular with time. If you’re not convinced of that yet, here are a few more reasons why:

    Just like any other passive income, selling pictures of feet for money online is also a type of side hustle that you can do from home or with a full-time job.

    You do not need any specific qualifications, skills, or experience for selling your feet pics for money.
    It does not require much investment in general. You only need a good camera or phone and sometimes good care of your feet.

    It currently has a very high demand and will be more in the forthcoming days too.

    Much easy and comfortable but still pays more than most 9-5 jobs.

  6. Can I sell my feet pictures even if they are not pretty?

    Yes, you can money selling feet pics. There is a market for all types of feet pics, no matter how pretty or ugly they are. Just be sure to take clear, high-quality photos.

    Also, consider using a filter or editing your pics before you upload them. This will make them more appealing to potential buyers.

making money selling feet pictures

Selling pictures of your feet is a new and creative way to earn some extra money right now. With so many people posting their feet pics in all sorts of places and situations, there’s no shortage of demand for this type of content.

Millions of people are already thriving in this industry, and it is your time now! And the best part? Zero investments and minimal efforts are all you need!

If you’re looking for a creative way to make money, start selling feet pictures today. Join the ranks now by using our guide to get started on your new feet selling business.

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