11 Best Side Hustles To Make Extra Money From Home [2023 Ideas]

Best side hustles
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This blog post on the best side hustles includes legitimate, well-paying and easy side hustles ideas that can help you earn more money on the side. 

Have you ever felt the need for a side income?

Ever felt that your current 9 to 5 job isn’t paying you much, and you need to make more money?

Or you are a student trying to make some extra cash for your daily needs? 

Do you want to find an easy side hustle that pays well?

I understand. You can make your ends meet with your income, but of course, a side hustle will give you an additional benefit! It could undoubtedly be a game-changer! 

You just need to invest a sufficient quota of your time and efforts and have a bit of patience, and I can bet that it will be greatly rewarding! 

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So, are you ready to choose a suitable side hustle that can give you some extra benefits this year? Keep reading to know more details about this. But before that, we have to understand some basics about side hustles.

What is a Side Hustle?

In simple terms, a side hustle is an activity or type of employment that we do in addition to our normal day job to earn some extra money, probably some extra hundred or thousand dollars.

best Side hustles ideas
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Image source: Bankrate.com

Why is Side Hustle important?

Do you know that according to a recent survey by Bankrate, 3 of 10 working Americans with side hustle say they need extra income to cover normal living expenses and  45% of all US workers have some form of side gig? 

Why Side hustle is important?
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Side hustles are the first step towards financial independence.

Let’s face the truth. 

If you are just a fresher and have joined a 9 to 5 company, it won’t probably be enough for you. Your maximum amount of salary will be spent on food, rent, and basic amenities.

You won’t even have anything left at the end of the month to add to your savings account. If things go this way, you will be left with $0 in your savings account. That’s an awful scenario out there. Having a side hustle can help you push ahead in your career

And if you are a student, I understand that you might be needing some extra money for your daily needs. You might have a student loan as well and are trying to pay that debt off. Thus, opting for a side hustle can make a significant difference in your life!

And if you are a parent, I can totally relate. Having kids is awesome but your family income needs to grow with a growing family. Even if you have a full-time job, a side hustle can surely help boost family income. It can help pay the debt, save for college, save for a new car, or help you on rainy days.

Recently, so many people lost their jobs due to COVID, and many brick and mortar stores had to shut down their doors. Needless to say, it taught us the importance of having another stream of income. It could be a passive side business or a side job. 

Should I have a Side Hustle?

Why Side hustle is important?
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Before starting it’s equally important to understand if you need a hustle in your life. Though adding another income stream can benefit you financially but it does need some work and time effort. 

The first and former question is asking yourself do you need a side hustle?

If it’s so, then why do you need a side hustle? – This is going to be your driving force.

I truly believe, if you don’t have that force or enough reason behind doing something, you will probably quit after some time or later. This ends up wasting all the efforts you put while setting up your new business or side job. 

When I started this blog, I had a long vision and I knew my driving force and my why. This is what keeps me going too. So you have to decide this for yourself irrespective of others.

Next question is to determine how much time can you devote? You might say ‘I have a full-time job’ or ‘I am running around my kids throughout the day. So, it’s you who has to determine how much time you can devote daily or weekly.

If it’s weekly or you have limited time, can you automate the process? Can you hire someone to off-shoulder some of your work? 

If you can bring your ‘why’ and ‘time’ in harmony, then I am pretty sure you are ready to find the perfect side hustle for you. 

Now, let’s check out how you can choose the side hustle that’s best for you!

Best Online Side Hustles to make money in 2022

Here are the best side hustles jobs you can start online to make money on your side.

1. Freelance Writing

This is no doubt one of the outstanding and the most accessible side job online.

Why? If you have quite a decent grasp of your preferred language and have a good ability to write, you can make it pretty big in this industry! You can easily start this part-time job from the comfort of your couch. 

Freelance writing-  best side hustle job
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Best Side Hustle ideas

You can be a story writer, blog content writer, copywriter, or ghostwriter! Various aspects of freelance writing make it a great side hustle option! 

This industry values your time and trades on that. Always keep one thing in mind here: Charge and set the rates for your clients based on the value of the content you will be offering. 

Never undercharge since that will not be profitable in the long run. You will be exhausted and might quit your side hustle after some time if you don’t get the right amount of profit for your time and efforts invested.

How much does a freelance writer make per month?

This is a subjective thing since it depends on the experience and the quality of content you are providing. On average, you can earn somewhere around $500 to $4000 per month. 

The more and the better you write, the more pay you get! Thus, you need to make use of your time perfectly here!

But first, you need to build a portfolio since you are starting. There are numerous freelancing platforms are there that give you this opportunity like Fiverr, Upwork, Problogger, People per hour, etc.

Also, choosing and sticking to your preferred niche is another essential thing you should consider here. Try exploring at first and when you find your interest in a niche, be an expert in that!

Narrowing your niche will be a tremendous advantage for your career in Freelance writing! Want to make $1000 per article? Elna is a mom freelancer who earns up to $1000 per article. Learn her expert tricks and tips. You can also subscribe to her free email freelancing course here.

2. Proofreading

Have you ever felt that cringe while reading an article on the internet?

Ever seen people who do not understand the difference between they’re, their and they are? Well, that is a pretty common issue in the writing industry. 

Proofreading - best side hustles ideas
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Best Side Hustles – proofreading

You will have the job to read and verify the articles as a proofreader before it gets posted on the internet. It is a pretty low stressful side, hustle, and has excellent pay. There is a massive demand for proofreaders nowadays. Thus, you can surely try your luck in proofreading and make a decent income from it!

The best platforms to start proofreading are Flexjobs, Fiverr, Upwork, Problogger, people per hour, or proofreadingservices.com.

The maximum you need to be an efficient proofreader is a good grip on your preferred language, an eye for noticing every nitty-gritty detail, and a love for reading!

If you have the qualities of a proofreader and want to professionally execute this side hustle then this free training from Proofread Anywhere could help you grow it into a thriving business. 

3. Virtual Assistance

This is another good side hustle job that is in high demand right now.

A virtual assistant is someone who keeps the record and track of the administration, social media, etc., just like a regular assistant. The only difference is you will work remotely, and there is no physical presence required here.

Virtual Assistant - best side hustles for moms
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Best Side Hustles ideas – Be a VA

You take responsibility for the online presence of the brand, its promotion, and overall growth. Virtual assistants provide several services and make an invaluable contribution to businesses.

In this side hustle, you get paid by the amount of time you invest. In short, you get paid based on the hours you put. The wage during the initial days can be a  bit low (depending on your location), but will surely grow with better skills and expertise.

It is recommended to join various freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer.com, etc., to get your first clients. 

Ask for their reviews as well to build your portfolio gradually. Then you join Virtual assistant USA or Flexjobs. Alternatively, there are various vacancies for businesses and eCommerce websites in specific Facebook groups as well. As a VA you can work part-time or full time and can start earning as soon as you start. 

If you are starting from scratch then you can check this free workshop on how to become a VA. 

New! Be a Pinterest VA

Pinterest VAs are in high demand and generate an average salary of $500/ client by doing simple tasks like creating and scheduling pins for bloggers and marketers on Pinterest.

Not sure how to start? You can take this free Pinterest VA workshop and see if it’s a good fit for you.

4. Sell Items Online

Sell Items Online - best side hustles
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Best Side Hustles

This is one business I wished I should have started before COVID. There has been an exponential boom in the growth of online selling businesses due to the pandemic. There are various ways to sell an item online, the best ways are:


With dropshipping, you can establish yourself as an online retailer without coming into direct contact with the items and when someone visits your site and places an order, its information is sent to the supplier.

The duty of the supplier is to send the order directly to the customer. That means you don’t need to hold any inventory or storage space.

The best places are Shopify, Groovekart, or your own website. Dropshipping is quite flexible once you have laid down the resources and can make good make money while sleeping type income source too.

side hustle dropshipping
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Image source: Oberlo

Sell on Etsy

Etsy is a huge platform to sell crafts, artworks, jewelry, digital products, and home decor stuff.

In 2020, it was recognized as one of the leading online marketplaces. You can easily drive good traffic from Pinterest or Instagram to your Etsy shop.

Selling digital products and stickers on Etsy are two low start-up cost craft business ideas to earn passive income on the side. These both are less demanding side hustles that you can do on weekends and earn money.

The best part about selling digital products is you have to create that digital product only once and then you can sell it over and over again. And there is no limit to how many times you can sell it because there is no inventory or shipping involved.

If you want to find more about selling digitals, check these hot selling seasonal digital products that you can create from home in your free time and make extra money.

Recommended free courses: Etsy sticker master class or sign up for the waitlist for free 10 days ETSY printable challenge.

Sell on Amazon FBA

Amazon is huge: Big loyal audience and selling opportunities.

All thanks to Amazon Prime for same-day to 2-day shipping and great customer service.  Recently Amazon recorded its biggest profit in its 26-year-old history as online shopping soared due to pandemics. 

Selling on Amazon can be a great side hustle with the potential of long-term passive income if done the right way. 

As compared to dropshipping, you do need to fulfill the initial setup and inventory cost but it saves lots of hassle in the long term. 

Recommended resources: How to Build a Million Dollar Brand on Amazon (Free book)  or Join 7-days one product challenge to change your life.

Sell on eBay

eBay is a very good alternative for selling new and old stuff. It has a huge audience and good trust in the market. When I moved from the US, I myself sold a lot of my old electronics at a fair price. 

With eBay, you need to take care of shipping yourself but you can certainly automate it (like US postal priority mail pickups) or other channels in your area. 

One of the most lucrative ways of making money with eBay is ‘eBay Arbitrage’ also called Retail Arbitrage.

It is the process of buying things from garage sales or online and selling on eBay at a higher price. This is a great side hustle and one of the recommended side hustle from entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. 

There is not really a particular amount of money that you can earn from here, but this is certainly one of the good options of a side hustle in the entire list.

5. Web Development

If you are a tech-savvy person, this could be a great choice as a side hustle for you! This industry is pretty rewarding if you have the right expertise and practice! 

Web Development - best side hustles online jobs
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Best Side Hustles – High paying

This is such a flexible field of work and has lucrative offers. This is one of the industries you can indeed replace your primary income source with after some experience! According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this field is projected to grow by 15% (faster than average) by 2026.

The basic mandatory languages include CSS and HTML. You can ace these languages in a decent amount of time and can start building basic websites for start-up companies. This is a fantastic way to make your portfolio since you would need that to attract your future clients.

Bonus point?

You do not need to invest in learning these skills since they are available on the internet for free or at nominal prices. Free tutorials can be found on Codecademy and w3schools

If you’re serious about starting a career in web development – Skill Success courses on web development are a great way to get started.

The best places to start are Flexjobs, Fiverr, or Upwork. 

6. SEO Consulting

With the digitalization era, SEO is a great industry that is emerging and is presently in high demand. SEO basically means Search Engine Optimization. In short, you will help e-commerce websites increase their website ranks in Search Engine Result Pages like Google or Yahoo.

SEO Consulting - best side hustles
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High Paying Best Side Hustles

This will result in better traffic on their website, And better traffic means more profit for them!

You need to keep track and stay up to date with all the SEO strategies and implement them on your client’s website to help them gain more profit. You need to analyze the traffic of the website, trends, and the source of all the traffic and craft a plan that will enhance your client’s website.

And kudos if you have some Web Development skills! This is because your web development skills will give you an extra edge here. Why? Many companies prefer people who have a decent understanding of HTML, CSS, WordPress, etc. This will boost your effectiveness since you will have a better understanding of how a website actually works.

SEO consultants are paid a handsome amount if they have the right expertise and are of great value to the company. Thus, deck up your SEO skills today and try making this your side hustle!

If you are really interested in blogs and writing, then this is another excellent passive money-making and one of the best side hustles for you.

7. Blogging

This is basically an asset for you and can give you long terms benefits. Many people assume blogging is dead but still, 60% of people buy products after reading blogs

Blogging - best side hustles online
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High paying side hustle

You can grow this side hustle into a great source of passive income and actually quit your job.

There is a notion that if you are passionate about something, start writing about it. But I would say it’s not a practical notion. This is the reason that  59.3% of bloggers quit after not getting desirable results. 

In simple words, it’s important to pick a niche that’s scalable, profitable, and develop a strategy to scale and earn profits from your blog. 

Starting a website is very easy and you can get started as low as $0.90. And once you get good traffic on your website, monetize it! You can monetize your website with affiliate links or sponsored posts.

But as mentioned earlier, this will be an asset for you in the long term that requires persistence and input. So, you won’t be getting anything or much in the initial days.

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Image source: Ahrefs.com

Therefore, a high amount of patience is required in this particular side hustle idea. But it can be undoubtedly rewarding when you finally reach that point, there is no looking back!

If you are serious about starting a blog, do check my comprehensive guide on how to start a blog and make money and another post on how bloggers make money.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a specialized type of marketing used when products are promoted in an article with a link leading to where such products can be bought. This is kind of a commission-based hustle and one of the most popular make-money-online ideas. 

 Affiliate Marketing -best side hustle online
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High paying best side hustles

In this case, the affiliate marketer/advertiser receives a commission in the form of a specified percentage when each sale is completed. 

You can either make big with this or can have nothing at the end. Therefore, it requires you to choose your niche and product wisely.  

Now the main factor is which affiliate program/platform you should choose because this is pretty essential. There are few good platforms like ShareASale, Awin, Amazon associates, Groovefunnels, etc. to start with. 

Affiliate marketing with niche websites is the most popular way to promote products. Other popular ways trending these days are YouTube affiliate marketing, Pinterest affiliate marketing, Facebook affiliate marketing, and Tick-Tock being the latest. 

You can earn something from $400 to $2000 per day or nothing from affiliate marketing. 

9. Teaching Kids

If you love teaching, then this is undoubtedly the best part-time job option for you. Furthermore, this is pretty common among college-going students or stay-at-home parents as well.

The education industry is in full bloom at the moment, and if you have the right expertise in your subjects, you can surely make it big here. 

Teaching Kids - best side hustles for mom and teachers
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Best Side Hustles ideas

If you have a good command of English then VIPKID is a good platform to teach English to students in China. It’s pretty simple to start

  1. Apply for the program. 
  2. Set up your schedule ( one month prior). 
  3. Keep a check on the email for any booking.
  4. Once you have a booking, join the class and get paid! 

However, this requires a contract and you cannot miss a class, commitments you know! 

Anyways if it suits your daily schedule then it’s a sure-shot way to earn 14-$30 per hour. It is an ideal part-time job from home for someone who wants to earn additional income. Some other good platforms include tutor.com or classgap.com. 

Alternatively, if you want to be an ACT tutor, check out this book. As an ACT tutor, you can earn $50-$80 per hour. 

10. Influencer 

This is one of the hottest trends right now and is pretty profitable in terms of monetary benefits. Count it as one of the new side hustle that’s exciting too.

Being famous is something many people want in their life at one point or the other.

Best Side hustle idea-influencer
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Best Side Hustles

If you look at 2020 stats, around 49% of Buyers depend on recommendations from Influencers and the average Influencer makes $30,000 to $100,000 Per Year!! 

On top of it, influencer marketing is expected to be worth $15 billion by 2022

You don’t really need to be highly talented to be an influencer. You can even make your own brand according to your passion. If you love fashion, be a fashion influencer. If you are a photographer, build your brand around that. It could be almost anything. However, the key is knowing your unique value proposition and articulating to brands how you can help them grow. 

You just need to build your image around it and then monetize it when the right time comes. Numerous influencers are earning pretty well in this niche. There are various ways to earn money as an influencer: affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, shout-outs, brand ambassadors, etc. 

How much does an influencer charge?

Influencers charge according to their following and engagement rates. Here’s the average pricing according to klear’s report.

Side hustle-Influencer rates
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One extremely important point that you should keep in mind is that you need to be consistent and regular with your posts since engagement matters a lot. Also, don’t expect a huge growth or something massive in the starting, since it takes time to grow.

You need to have patience and faith, and the rest will be taken care of gradually. 

If you want to boost influencer marketing skills, then I suggest you look for good online courses at Skillshare or join The Instagram Ivy League by Alex Tooby.

Free Resources: Step by step Instagram marketing strategy (Youtube video), How to be an Instagram influencer (skillshare course). 

Related reading: How to sell feet pics and make money

11. Flip Items

Flip Household items

You have often seen pretty good furniture that needs just a slight renovation or a fresh coat of paint to make them new. The majority of the people do not even intend to try that’s since they do not get much time.

What you can do here is source your stored inventory on various sites or thrift stores. You need to keep your costs a bit low so that you get the maximum profit out of it.

Now once you have found suitable items, you can flip them on various places like a Facebook marketplace, eBay, or other local selling platforms. 

This side hustle can help you make a decent amount – just like Rob and Mel of Flea Market Flipper made over $133,000 flipping in their first year. They have a full course on learning the art of flipping for profit.

Free resources: Check this free list of 47 household items you can re-sell or join a free mini flipper course to make your first $100.

Flip Websites 

Flip Websites - best side hustles
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Best Side Hustles

Sounds different right? Flipping a website is a great side hustle to make an extra $25k to $30k per year or even more! The idea behind is pretty creative, you flip websites like flipping homes at higher rates. 

There are two options here: start a website from scratch or buy an old website and polish it with your creativity. 

If you have skills, you can start from a new website with good web hosting (free domain) and build websites and traffic. In general, the longer you keep a website, the more profit you will make.

Once ready, you can sell it on Flippa. It’s a great platform to buy or sell websites (or other digital businesses). 

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Flip Website Best Side Hustles

**You can use Flippa to buy a pre-monetized blog too (if you want to start your own blog). This will help you save plenty of time.

Bonus Easy Side hustle ideas to start in 2022

12. Sell handcrafted and homemade goods online

Launching a small business from home is another way to start a new side hustle that makes money. If you love crafting, then it is a perfect time to convert your hobby into a small home-based business.

Current trends in the home-based business industry are good for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Market research shows that by 2024, the worldwide crafts market is expected to reach around $50.9 billion.

You can take your talents and turn them into a small business by sourcing products for sale on sites like Etsy, Amazon Handmade, eBay, or your own store.

The best things to make and sell at home are ones that you enjoy making. Later, of course, you can choose whether these items should become a full-time business or just a sideline job that provides extra income.

So, what can you make from to sell? Here are some links to help you find the perfect product for your home-based craft store:

Start Your Top Paying online Side Hustle Today

Your side Hustle can be greatly rewarding in terms of the monetary aspect as well as helping you in learning new skills. A side hustle is a great initiative to finally explore your good old hobby that you left a long time ago! 

You can totally live your life on your terms without worrying about the extra debts on your shoulders since all of them can be taken care of just with a bit more effort!

You should always focus on taking your trajectory path in an uphill direction. Once you have a successful career in this, you would never look back!

Comment down and let me know your favorite side hustle and your entire experience with it.


How Do I Start A Side Hustle?

First determine the right side hustle for you based on your time, hobbies, and skills. Dig out some side hustles ideas from our list. Check if there is any side hustle that suits your skills.

What Are The Most Profitable Side Hustles?

The amount you can earn depends on the time you can spend. Although there are side hustles that can generate good money right from start and you can scale gradually. The most scalable side hustles are selling things online, dropshipping, and blogging. 

How to Start A Side Hustle if I Have A Full-Time Job?

Side hustle needs time but few side hustles may not need daily input. You can also automate your side hustle by hiring freelancers. You can do planning stuff on weekends and submit tasks to freelancers on Fiverr or PeoplePerHour.

What Side Hustle Can I Start Today?

You can start your blog today, sign up for freelancer writing jobs, set up your 1 click e-commerce system, or buy a pre-built blog. If you want to earn right now, drive an Uber, deliver via Post Mates, Doordash or Instacart.

Why Side Hustle Is Important?

Side hustles help you gain financial freedom and security. You can slowly scale your side hustle to a fully passive income source. 

Can I Start A Side Hustle With No Money?

Yes, not all side hustles need upfront money or big investment. Most of the side hustles mentioned here need no to low investment. Determine your skills, time you can invest in the future, and pick your side hustle.

What Are High Paying Online Jobs from Home?

The best high-paying side hustles from the list are freelancing, SEO consultancy, web development, video editing, and virtual assistance.

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How to start a Side hustle
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