Etsy Listing Photo Size Ratio And Dimensions in 2021

Etsy Listing Photo Size Ratio And Dimensions

Last Updated on November 22, 2021 by Ruchika Gupta

What size should my Etsy listing photos be?

Is there any Etsy listing photo size ratio I should follow?

What is the recommended size of my first thumbnail image? And so on…

These were some of my questions when I started my first Etsy store. I know many Etsy sellers are still wondering about correct Etsy listing photo sizes.

I’d like to list down some information that will hopefully help you out, but first, let me tell you something most important:

Etsy listing photo size is directly related to the Etsy search results page which means it’s important for your success as an Etsy seller.

Just like it is said, the first impression is the last; you need the appropriate size and quality of your first Etsy image so Etsy can generate a thumbnail optimized for search engines and can catch a visitor’s attention.

So, let’s look at what listing size Etsy recommends and how we can create our listing images to make our listings more visible and increase our chances of a sale.

(I have added a few image listing Canva templates, so you can easily remember or crop your photos before uploading to Etsy. You can use them with your free Canva account.)

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Etsy Listing Photo Size

What photo listing sizes does Etsy recommend?

Here are a few main things (updated) Etsy suggests:

The shortest side of the listing image should be 2000 pixels. 

Images should be smaller than 1 MB so they can load faster and appear in search results.

The first listing image should be horizontal or square (Etsy says so).

It is recommended to have an aspect ratio of 4:3 for your first Etsy photo size listing (but that’s recommended).

It is recommended to upload horizontal pictures or landscape format. Avoid crops in squares.

So what does it all mean?

What do you recommend for the first photo which Etsy creates a thumbnail out of it?

It means your first listing image should be a landscape (horizontal) image with an aspect ratio of 4:3, and its shortest side (which comes out be the length) should have 2000 pixels minimum.

An aspect ratio of 4:3 means four parts on the bottom and three parts up the sides.

So what Etsy listing photo size (resolution and Etsy listing photo size ratio combined) should you create?

Since your first listing photo should have a ratio of 4:3 (W: H) with a minimum of 2000 pixels height, your Etsy photo listings would be at least:

Etsy Listing Photo Size

2667 x 2000 pixels (4 :3), i.e 2667 pixels wide and 2000 pixels tall.

Etsy Listing Photo Size RATIO

As it is pretty difficult to remember, you can use round-off numbers ratio like:

  • 2700 x 2025
  • 2800 x 2100
  • 2900 x 2175
  • 3000 x 2250
Etsy Listing Photo Size

What is the best image dimension for Etsy listing?

I prefer to use either 2700 x 2025 or 3000 x 2250 pixels for the best results and quality as increasing the size further will increase the image size, and we want a file below 1 MB.

It is the best image dimension for Etsy, and it will let you optimize the picture for the web.

It is very important when you are selling any physical or artistic product, where buyers want to see all the details. Maintaining this ratio will make sure that your photo does not get too small or blurry when someone zooms in on it.

**Make sure you take photos in high resolutions so you can crop them later to fit into recommended size. Etsy also recommends taking horizontal shots so you can make the most use of space in your picture. Vertical images will require more cropping. 

Why Etsy recommends using a landscape listing photo?

Etsy recommends that the first picture in a listing should be horizontal since horizontal photos are better in cropped thumbnail views.

Etsy Listing Photo Size

Can I use a square image For listing my photos? 

You can still use a square photo but crop it using Etsy’s cropping tool. It ensures that your listing images will fit into standard thumbnail dimensions and won’t get distorted when they are cropped down to thumbnail sizes by Etsy’s system.

What about Etsy listing photo size for additional pictures? 

Etsy recommends providing a cohesive experience when a buyer moves from one image to another, but you can use any size as long as your image is of good quality.

Having a great product and a good quality image is more important to make a visitor buy your product.

Etsy listing photo size templates

You may use these Canva templates to create your Etsy listing photos. I’ve saved them as a template in my Canva account so I don’t have to worry about the correct size again and again.

They are also useful in quickly generating pictures for my listing and will be helpful for you as well.

3000 x 2250 pixels Template

2700 x 2025 pixels Template

2667 x 2000 pixels Template

You can add your product pictures to these templates and crop them if needed. Canva has an easy drag and drop cropping tool to help you resize your images and make Etsy listing photos.

What else can you do with Canva with your listing photos?

There are many awesome Canva features you can use to optimize your Canva listing photos.

Some of the things I like to do with my listing photos using Canva

  1. Add shadow effects: Make your listing photos look more professional and unique.
  2. Make a mock up: If you are using a digital product. You can create mockups for t-shirts and mugs as well.
  3. Apply filters: You can apply filters to make your images look more professional, crisper and make them lighter or add contrast.
  4. Reduce the size of images: You can reduce the size of your listing images by toggling size/quality buttons. This is the trick I use to reduce the size of my blog post images.
  5. Create social media images: Quickly create another size of listing to make social media images like for Pinterest using resize button. Though it needs little organizing but saves your time.
  6. Add text to my images: Though this is a bit general, Canva does a great job adding text to listing images. Things like you want your customers to know beforehand because not everyone reads the entire Etsy listing description.

That was little about Etsy listing image sizes

I hope this blog post helped you understand more about the Etsy listing photo sizes and how you can create your listing quickly with Canva. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

I’d love to hear from you.

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