Etsy Shop Banner Ideas: 10 Inspiring Etsy Banner Examples To Stand Out

Etsy Shop Banner Ideas With etsy banner Examples
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Looking for Etsy shop banner ideas? Check out these 10 creative and eye-catching Etsy banner examples from real shops to get some inspiration for your Etsy store.

Etsy shop banners are like mini billboards – they’re one of the first things potential customers will see when they visit your shop, so it’s important to make sure your banner looks good and catches a visitor’s attention.

A great Etsy banner can make a big difference in the look and feel of your Etsy shop and can help you stand out from the crowd but Etsy shop owners often overlook them or don’t put enough thought into them.

If you’re not sure where to start or feeling stuck, here are 10 Etsy shop banner ideas from real shops to give you some inspiration.

Hopefully, these banner examples will help you get your creative juices flowing so you can design a banner that represents your Etsy shop perfectly in 2022.

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Best Etsy Banner Ideas (Banner Examples From Real Shops)

1. Keep it simple – less is more!

Here is a banner from Plannerkate1, one of Etsy’s top sellers who uses only the shop name and a tagline in a clean sans serif font.

With plenty of white space, this banner in her brand colors looks very neat, easy on the eyes, and gives a great first impression.

Simple logo etsy shop banner
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Credit: PlannerKate

2. Use a picture that tells all

This Etsy banner from PerpetualBlissCo is a great example of how to use an eye-catching photo to draw in potential customers.

This type of image really speaks to the shop’s target market and makes them want to find out more about the store.

etsy shop banner ideas
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Credit: PerpetualBlissCo

Here is another example of using a single image to capture a visitor’s attention. This Etsy banner from WoodAllGood uses beautiful photos of wood and resin-made handmade jewelry as the main focus.

If you have a niche store, use attractive and high-quality product photos in your banner.

The photos are high quality against the white background and draw your eye in, making you want to explore the shop further.

3. Show What Your Etsy Store is About

This banner from ModParty is an inspiring example of how to show what your Etsy store is about ‘effectively.’

ModParty specializes in bridesmaid gifts, so the cover photo includes a collage style banner that features images of a bridesmaid with a bride-to-be, beautiful gifts from the shop, and the shop’s logo on the white background.

Etsy store banner idea with shop pictures
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Credit: ModParty

Here is another example of showing an Etsy store theme.

This sleek and elegant Etsy shop banner from CaitlynMinimalist does a good job of displaying dainty personalized handcrafted jewelry items that are very popular in the shop.

She has used a carousel banner (paid Etsy feature) which allows her to feature several of her most popular items in the Etsy shop banner space.

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Credit: CaitlynMinimalist

4. Feature Your Most Popular Items in a photo collage

If you want to increase Etsy banner click-throughs, consider featuring your most popular or highest converting items in the banner.

Some Etsy sellers prefer adding a banner without a text or a tagline to let their product photos speak for themselves. The photos should be well-lit and really capture your attention when you’re scrolling through Etsy.

Etsy store banner ideas
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Credit: MijMojDesign

5. Explain your value proposition to customers

If you have a unique selling point, make sure to include it in your Etsy shop banner! It will allow you to stand out from the competition and attract customers who are looking for what you offer.

“We are here to help you make an amazing first impression for your big day” is a clear and concise message that tells shoppers exactly what they can expect.

banner etsy
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Credit: PureInvitation

6. Show your offers and freebies

If you’re running any special offers or offer freebies to promote your sales, use a banner that features a list of freebies or offers you have on your store.

This Etsy shop banner from KDHSticker does a wonderful job of listing all the free products visitors will get if they shop from their Etsy store. A great idea for new Etsy sellers to get the first few Etsy sales.

inspiring etsy shop banner example
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Credit: KDHStickers

Here is an example to show the current offers with the latest seasonal items. One of the best-sellers in printable party items, Design my party studio uses carousel banners to display some of the stop’s trending seasonal products. This Etsy shop banner changes every few months to reflect the latest season items and offers.

etsy shop banner example with pics and sale
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7. Use eye-catching graphics 

A creative graphic may quickly draw people’s attention and help your Etsy banner stand out. If you’re selling graphics, consider using an illustration or a catchy picture of your work.

JenRussellSmith’s Etsy shop banner is a stunning example of eye-catching design using images to represent the store’s items – Illustrated home portraiture.

etsy shop banner ideas with graphic example
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Credit: JenRussellSmith

Here is another one you might like.

etsy banner idea for shop
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Credit: Illustrashun

8. Use a playful color palette

A bright and eye-catching color scheme can also help your Etsy banner stand out. This Etsy shop banner from EmilyCromwellDesigns uses a fun and playful color palette that pops against white Etsy background.

I really like how she added a bright and colorful overlay text block to her picture collage.

etsy shop banner example lively colors
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Credit: EmilyCromwellDesigns

9. Use Contrasting Colors 

For a more creative approach to dressing your Etsy banner, consider using contrasting colors against a black backdrop to make your text stand out.

This Etsy banner from EstablishedCoGifts uses its tagline as its value proposition. I love how they’ve used fonts and texture to the banner while still keeping it clean and simple.

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Credit: EstablishedCoGifts

10. Include a phrase/quote in Your Etsy Banner 

If you’re looking for a way to add some personality to your Etsy banner, consider using some inspiring or fun quotes.

The banner from VantlerLeather, which sells personalized love bracelets and keychains, uses an image of a couple wearing the bracelets with an uplifting phrase “the celebration of love” which perfectly fits the feel of the shop.

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Credit: VantlerLeather

Tips for creating Etsy Shop Banner

There are a lot of great Etsy banner ideas out there. But if you want your Etsy shop to stand out from the crowd, you need to put some effort into creating a banner that is unique and eye-catching.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Use high-quality photos that are clean and clear.
  2. Stick to a limited color palette or your brand palette.
  3. Use simple fonts that are easy to read.
  4. Make sure your banner matches the style of your shop.
  5. Keep the text short and to the point.
  6. Feature your most popular or highest converting items
  7. Choose a simple, clean design.
  8. Etsy shoppers are looking for handmade, one-of-a-kind items. Make it personal – let your banner reflect your Etsy shop’s personality.

There you have it, Etsy banner examples (and ideas) for your inspiration

If you are starting your Etsy shop or looking to change the look of your shop, consider using one of these Etsy banner ideas for inspiration.

A well-thought Etsy shop banner can make a difference in the overall look and feel of your store. So don’t overlook this design element when setting up or updating your Etsy shop.

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