2024 Trending Mother’s Day Cricut Ideas For Gifts or To Sell

Check these trending Mother’s Day Cricut Ideas to make DIY gifts for your mom. These ideas are so loved that you can use them to make Mother’s Day crafts to sell as well.

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be challenging sometimes. After all, she has done so much for you over the years, and you want to make sure your gift shows just how much she means to you.

Mother's day cricut ideas
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One way to make sure your Mother’s Day gift is extra special is to use your Cricut to create unique and personalized gifts. Cricut machine allows you to create a gift that truly reflects your mom’s personality and interests.

From personalized totes to customized water bottles, these Mother’s Day Cricut crafts are perfect for making a one-of-a-kind gift.

If you’re searching for unique and personalized Cricut gift ideas to surprise your mom on Mother’s Day, look no further! I’ve put together a list of the best Cricut projects and gift ideas for Mother’s Day that will show how much you love and appreciate her on this special day.

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Mother’s day crafts to sell

Cricut craft ideas to sell

Mother’s Day Cricut Ideas

Cricut mother’s day cards

This stunning and intricate Cricut Mother’s Day card is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will truly impress your mom. The layered design features stunning floral details that are sure to catch her eye and bring a smile to her face.

mothers day card flowerpot
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Mothers day card flower pot file

3D Mother’s Day card 

This ‘pop up’/ 3D card shows the amount of care and thought put into creating it, making it a unique and personalized gift that your mom will cherish for years to come. Make it using intricate cardstock setting and show your mom just how much you appreciate her.

A Cricut Mother’s Day card idea
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3D Mother’s Day card 

Mother’s Day Flower bouquet box card

Another unique Cricut Mother’s Day card to make is this 3d watering can card. This homemade card/craft is super cute and easy to make.

BOX mothers day
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Mother’s Day Flower bouquet box

Mother’s day mugs

Mugs are my favorite Cricut gift idea for pretty much every special occasion. They are so easy to make and you make a simple mug in as less as 10 mins and they never fail to wow the recipient.

Make your mom this unique mug hat is guaranteed to make her feel loved this Mother’s Day.

mom mug svg
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Mom affirmation mug

Or make a funny mug for mom that will make her laugh every time she uses it!

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Funny Mother’s day mug

Mother’s day shadow box

A shadow box is a frame that is 3-dimensional and can be used to display cherished memories in a stylish and creative way.

Shadow boxes are quite famous among moms as they hold a sentimental value.

Using 3d shadow templates, you can make a unique piece of art for Mother’s Day.

mothers day shadow box
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3D Shadow box

Mom crossword shadow box

mom shadow box
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Mom crossword shadow box

Mother’s Day Signs

A popular Mother’s Day vinyl idea to make is this personalized wood sign featuring split monogram mom sign with kids names.

mom split name
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Mom split monogram sign

Although signs are the most common projects to make using this split monogram, you can also make T-shirts, tumblers or mugs to sell or gift to your loves ones!

mom sign
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Mom split monogram

Personalized T-shirts

Looking for a unique and budget-friendly Mother’s Day gift? Why not make a funny shirt for your mom with your Cricut machine?

It’s a quick and easy DIY project that she’ll love wearing year-round, whether she’s running errands or relaxing at home. Plus, it’s a fun way to show off her personality and sense of humor.

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Funny mother’s day shirt
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Mother’s day shirt

Mother’s Day Wood Signs

Whether she chooses to display it on a wall, table, or mantel, your mom will love having a unique and personalized wooden sign piece that reminds her of your love and appreciation.

Mother’s Day Cricut Earrings

Make a adorable earrings made out of faux leather with Cricut to gift your mom or grandmom this Mother’s Day.

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Mother’s Day Cricut Earrings

Coffee Tumbler

You know you can customize tumblers with Cricut mug press and parchment paper. This DIY Cricut tumbler project is guaranteed to impress any mom!

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Mother’s day tumbler
Personalized mothers day tumblers
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Personalized tumbler

personalized Libbey Glass 

Personalizing libby glasses is a hot trend these days and with the help of color changing vinyl, you can make a unique and eye-catching Mother’s Day gift that your mom will love.

Simply use your Cricut machine to cut out a special design or message on the vinyl and apply it to the glass. When filled with a cold beverage, the color-changing vinyl will add an extra touch of fun and surprise.

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Mothers Day Glass Can Bundle

Sublimation Libbey Glass 

Use a mug press to sublimate fun and trendy designs to wow your mom! I absolutely love this design so much that I’m sure your mom will love it too.

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Best Mom Ever

A cozy heartfelt Pillow

Create a cozy and personalized throw pillow for your mom this Mother’s Day using your Cricut machine. Choose a soft and durable fabric, and then cut out a design that showcases a special message, your mom’s name, or a beautiful graphic.

Not only will this pillow add a decorative touch to your mom’s living space, but it’ll also remind her of your love and appreciation every time she uses it.

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A cozy heartfelt Pillow

Funny Mom Life Tote Bag

Make your mom’s day a little brighter with a funny mom life tote bag created with your Cricut.

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Funny Mom Life Tote Bag

This practical and stylish gift will bring a smile to her face every time she uses it, whether it’s for grocery shopping, running errands, or carrying around her essentials.

DIY Mother’s Day Planter

This Mother’s Day, show your mom your creativity and thoughtfulness with a multi-functional planter made using your Cricut.

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Mother’s day Planter

Use it to display her favorite flowers, store her crafting supplies or hold her treasured trinkets. It’s a heartfelt and unique gift that she’ll cherish for years to come!

Mother’s day Puzzles tiles

Surprise your mom with a unique and personalized Mother’s Day gift by creating a puzzle tiles frame using your Cricut maker. Not only is it a hot-selling item, but it also doubles as a beautiful home decor piece that she’ll love to display.

Mothers day puzzles
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Mother’s Day Puzzle Sign

Keychain Coin Purse 

These no sew coin purses are absolutely adorable to make with faux leather. Just use any pattern or glitter faux leather and you’ll have this gorgeous gift ready in minutes.

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Keychain Coin Purse

Where to sell Mother’s day Cricut crafts?

There are many options available to you, and it all depends on what works best for you.


Etsy is a good option for selling Mother’s day crafts because it is an online marketplace specifically geared towards handmade items.

You can create a shop on Etsy and start selling your Mother’s day crafts. Etsy charges some fees for selling on its platform but has a large audience you can take advantage of.

Flea markets

 Another option for selling Mother’s day crafts is at local flea markets. It is a suitable option if you have a lot of Mother’s day crafts to sell, as you can set up your own booth and sell directly to customers.

Craft fairs/Pop up markets

If you are looking for a larger venue to sell Mother’s day crafts, craft fairs might be the perfect option for you. You can connect with other crafters and find new customers for your Mother’s day crafts.

Facebook marketplace and local groups

Mother’s day crafts are also popular on the Facebook marketplace. I have seen a lot of people selling Mother’s day crafts in my area. If you want to sell Mother’s day crafts locally, you can list your items and include your location in the listing.

Word of mouth

 Don’t forget the power of word of mouth. Mother’s day is a great time to spread the word about your Mother’s day crafts business by telling friends and family about your products. 

Mothers day cricut ideas and projects
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Final thoughts on Mother’s day Cricut crafts

As someone who has personally made Cricut crafts for my own mom on Mother’s Day, I can attest to the joy and appreciation it brings. It’s not just about the gift itself, but the effort and love put into creating it that makes it so special.

And as a mom myself, I can say that receiving a handmade gift from my own children is truly heartwarming and a memory that I will always cherish.

So, whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting out, don’t be afraid to get creative and put your own personal touch on your Mother’s Day gift. Your mom will undoubtedly appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness behind it, and it’s a wonderful way to show her just how much she means to you!

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