Why VPN Is Important For Bloggers?

Why VPN Is Important For Online Business
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Do you still wonder if you need a VPN? Well, in this article we will discuss why you need a VPN and why VPN is important for business or blog sites.

Let me ask you a creepy question.

Picture this first. There is a guy sitting miles apart from you, someone you don’t know, but he has got access to important information about you which no one else should know. This includes your personal information and bank details.

Can you imagine how much harm he can pose you?

And all this happened because you logged into the internet using Free public wifi, and the hacker found a way to snoop on your data.

I am sure you might have heard about VPN earlier at some point but always thought that you don’t need it as you are just a small online business owner or blogger or don’t have anything to hide. 

Well, let me burst your myth here.

Even if you are a blogger or run any small online business, using a VPN is a must. Without a VPN, you are putting your personal data, your work, your accounts (including social accounts), and your identity at risk of hacking attacks.

Imagine losing all the fan following you made on Instagram over the years or getting a fraudulent charge on your credit card? It might sound scary, but it is the harsh truth of our current internet world. Many cybercrimes and data breaches happen every day.

Let me give you one little example, have a look at the below snapshot of my mailbox. I get plenty of emails daily from a security plugin that I installed recently informing me about someone trying to login into my website.

blog security
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Looks like hackers are always waiting for me to do a silly mistake so that they can take advantage and take control of our digital assets. And it is not just me; mostly all the bloggers have the same concern. You can even try it yourself, install a security plugin like word fence, and set alerts.

Anyways coming back to the point.

Can you let this happen to your blog or any other online business?

I am sure the answer would be yes!

So, without further delay let us discuss about VPN and how it can protect you and your business from cyberbullies.

What is a VPN?

A VPN (a virtual private network) is a private network that creates a secure tunnel/filter between you and the internet so that no one else can see your online activity.

It creates a secure connection that helps you hide your identity, IP address, and sensitive data such as your bank or credit card details while going online. Furthermore, you have control over what data you want to share with the outer world.

Why VPN Is Important For Business Owners and Bloggers

Why VPN Is Important For Business
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1. Hides Your IP

A VPN can mask your IP address so no one can find out your location, your city, or country. Instead of showing your IP address, it shows the IP of the VPN location you chose.  

2. Protects you on public WIFI

I am sure you love browsing free WIFI when you are outside home or traveling. Although using free WIFI seems like a good choice, but it can make your data vulnerable.

Hackers can easily steal your personal or business-related data. Chances are you might connect to a hoax hotspot. All this for free WIFI is not worth the shot. The easiest way to prevent all these risks is by protecting your data with a VPN.

A VPN encrypts your online data (converts into an unreadable mess) and secures it when you use free WIFI

3. It keeps your content files secure

Let’s say you are working on free WIFI and have to transfer some files. It could be regular uploading data to WordPress or downloading a graphic.

 On the free unsafe network, hackers can sometimes take control of your system and upload a risky file into your uploading cue or download, copy, delete or alter them.

A VPN can protect you by creating a secure browsing path, hiding your location, or data encryption

4. It secures your online financial transactions

Do you sell stuff online? Or do you sell any digital product from your blog? Or pay some monthly business expenses from your laptop?

If your above answer is yes, then losing your and your customer’s sensitive financial details is the last thing on the Earth you would want to see.

A good VPN will encrypt your sensitive financial data and keep your transactions private and protected.

Bonus advantages of using VPN

Apart from keeping your data safe, using VPN can be rewarding too! Especially if you are a travel blogger.  

Let us see how

1. You get access to a blocked site

Suppose you want to access some content that is location restricted due to geo-blocking, business rules, or internet censorship. Connecting through a VPN can unblock those sites for you and give you access to the content while keeping your data safe.

Not only this, it can keep you entertained by streaming your favorite Netflix shows not available in your current physical location.

2. It helps you spy on your competitor

Yes, don’t get me wrong but spying on your competitor to see what’s working is the best growth hack. Obviously, you can use your location, but thanks to google analytics, your competitor can easily make out that you have your eyes on him, and due to which he can potentially blacklist your IP.

Using a VPN can help you stay unspecified while doing your research and won’t make your competitor go nuts on you.

3. It helps you save money

Have you seen prices go high while trying to find out the best prices for a specified flight?

You were expecting to find the lowest price, but suddenly the price of one of the flights you selected went up high? Well, thanks to internet cookies that keep track of all your activities.

One solution to end this cookie mania is to use VPN to test different server locations and check how prices differ. 

4. It helps you stay anonymous and protected

Let’s assume you want to give a fair review of service, product, or organization but are scared that they might hunt you down and harm you. Then what will you do to keep yourself protected?

Well, you can use a VPN to hide your IP and express your views without risking your identity.

But still, make sure you don’t get involved too much in controversies or exploit this feature to benefit yourself. And possibly get one of the best VPN services so there are no loopholes.

So do you still think you don’t need a VPN?

The internet can be a cruel place. If the trend of making money online is increasing over the years so do cyber crimes and attacks.

As the wise man said, it’s better to be safe than sorry. A VPN can be an invaluable investment for your business and blog.

The VPN can protect you from identity theft, data breaches, and unexpected malware attacks. So yes, VPN is important and I would recommend you invest in a good VPN service.

Do you need any VPN service? Which one is your favorite?

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