6 Critical Landing Page Features That Affect Conversions

Landing Page features
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Want to design a high converting landing page? Follow along to find the must-have landing page features and boost your conversions.

If you’re reading this, your conversion rates probably aren’t what they should be. Landing pages are the most important part of any marketing campaign – and yet so many businesses overlook them!

You need to stop doing that now.

Landing pages can be the game-changers that can bring about a significant amount of audience and potential clients to your website.

Landing pages with a high conversion rate are more likely to generate qualified leads and higher sales than landing pages with a low conversion rate.

Landing Page Optimization is a science in itself, but these 6-simple changes can help you increase conversions.


Well, you see, a webpage has so many elements that make it difficult to focus on one main goal.

It is like Jack of all, master of none.

Once your visitor arrives on the website, he could find it confusing or get sidetracked doing other things. This means you miss out on converting him to a lead or buyer.

Confused visitor
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And this is where landing pages come into the picture!

Offers Page – (distractions + other offers) = Landing page


Let’s get into a few technical details at first. We’ll gradually unfold the best practices and landing page features in this post.

What are landing pages? 

Landing pages are optimized pages designed to focus on one clear conversion goal. 

What are Landing pages
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A landing page can be your homepage or any other page solely dedicated to a specific campaign, sale, or product. A landing page might be found organically with the purpose to inform, convenience, and act as a gateway to your website. 

What is the benefit of landing page?

A good converting landing page is the best option to target a specific audience. 

It helps you focus on a single product or sale and enhance it in a better manner so that your audience is fully aware of it and makes the most out of it. It is excellent to track down sales and curate the marketing goals accordingly, which again comes down to higher conversion rates.

A highly converting landing page will act as an invaluable portal for the visitors to directly stumble on that specific landing page, which will lead them directly to the subscription page to the signup, buy or subscribe button! 

Isn’t it surprising that everything just boils down to higher conversion rates? Well, that is where the main business lies.

What are the best landing page features?

Well, you might be considering that with so many benefits, curating a high-converting landing page might be a tedious process. Others might convince you in that way, but let us assure you that creating a high-converting landing page is certainly not rocket science!

Here are some significant landing page features that can help in making high-converting landing pages. Implement these 6 easy tricks to increase your conversion rates, starting today.

1. Eye-catching headline

It is the first thing a visitor will see and perhaps the most important thing. The headline can make or break the entire interest, attention, and understanding! It is that one specific part that compels the visitor to stay on your page and explore more. 

Therefore, a headline should be something that resonates with your customer’s problems and promise them a solution.

As shown below, Ahrefs headline messaging is clear and resonates with its ideal customer avatar pain points: High Traffic and Better Ranking.

Headline: landing page feature
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The main goals of a headline are:

  • The headline should instantly grab the attention of the readers within seconds.
  • Keep the headline short and concise. Limit is not just 10 to 20 words maximum.
  • Mention the main detail of the service or product adequately.

If you feel that the word count isn’t sufficient to describe the full product or service, use a brief controversial statement that will make them click on the link! Or maybe distract them towards our website! 

But if you have multiple products and services, giving a high-level goal as the headline might be a better option. This might help emphasize your website a little better.

2. Persuasive subheadings

While the main headline is used to grab your visitor’s attention, the subheading helps make them stay. 

Your users can learn about your platform from the subheading, and your persuasive tone will make them realize its importance for them, and voila, they will directly land on your respective page.

Like in the below example, the subheading underlines the benefits you will experience by using Fresh books.

Landing page features
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As you write your next subheading, keep the following points in mind:

  • Position it directly under the heading.
  • Be exceptionally convincing and persuasive. 
  • Add some details about the product and services if you haven’t mentioned much in the main headline. 

One tip is to tap into the emotions and sentiment of your audience with a compelling opener. Mention the issues and problems that are very common. And discuss how your products or services could be the quick fix!

3. Compelling Pictures

Visual content is yet again highly crucial in a landing page. A human brain can process and store an image much faster than just a random text. Thus, your visitors are bound to be affected by good visuals.

Your picture should represent your promise so your visitor can visualize your promise. And that’s what you see by using Grammarly, one of the widely used writing assistants.

Landing page feature- Compelling pictures
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  • The pictures should be adequately sized. Not too small or not too large!
  • The pictures should be purely relevant to the service or product. (Else, why would it even matter?)
  • Curate the picture in such a way that it can quickly grab the attention!
  • Visualize the relevance.
  • High-quality, top-notch pictures are compulsory!

These can easily shape or even imprint the first impression on the visitor’s mind, and thus you cannot afford to lose or compromise on the quality at all! 

4. Social Proof

Every time you proceed to buy online, you surely scroll through the reviews and testimonials of the product to help you make the right choice. It is precisely the same here!! 

Social proof is yet another powerful tool of optimum persuasion!

Below is the example of a landing page builder I use for my funnels, it comes with little proof elements (see the bottom left) which you can add to your marketing funnels and landing pages.

landing page feature
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Some social proof tacts that you can include are:

  • Customer reviews
  • Latest or ongoing customer count
  • Awards form valuable and reputed organizations 
  • Expert testimonials
landing page feature
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Different social proofs

Simply add these to the landing page, and this will make your user aware that you are not bluffing or just sugarcoating and will take you seriously! This way, they are more likely to click and convert! It also creates a solid foundation of trust right from the first step, making it a super start!

5. Strong Call to Action

Now, when you have finally caught the attention of your visitor, you should also mention what to do next! 

A strong call to action will mention the next follow-up steps, leading your visitors directly to your website page, sales page, or opt-in! 

Remember, your call of action can either make your funnel a high converting funnel or break your expectations. Therefore, it is one of the most critical elements of your landing page.

But before you begin, be clear on how your CTA will benefit your visitors if they click it. 

Some general phrases you can include are:

  • Get a free quote now!
  • Get your free trial today!
  • Download now!

Or customize them according to your conversion goal or USP. 

Let’s check the below Tailwind example; the call of action is pretty simple but doesn’t look salesy.

Landing page features
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Here are some more call to action examples:

call to action fwature
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Add a loud call to action with a very distinct font and background color so that the user can spot the next step instantly! Instant responses are required. Thus, a compelling call to action will help your users head directly to the checkout page!

6. Above fold

Even though the first rule states that landing pages should be short, yet many pages require us to scroll down and read the rest of the information. That is where many landing page creators make mistakes. They keep the important stuff in the below fold where the visitor needs to scroll down to check that.

But what if they don’t scroll down at all? 

A few points to note here:

  • The most important and impactful headings and subheadings should be on the topmost page
  • All the call-to-action phrases and lines should be in the above fold.

All the above examples (images) have clear and concise messaging above the fold so that your visitors can comprehend what your landing page is about at one glance.

It will provide a better view to the users, which is proven to offer a better response rate than the regular ones.

Some Interesting Landing Page Optimization Tips Based on Statistics

  1. Offering multiple products on your landing page can reduce your conversions by 266% -source
  2. Even a 1 sec page loading delay can reduce your conversions by 7%
  3. Having people in your images can boost your CTR to 66% and images of women always get higher CTRs (12% more)- source
  4. Adding videos can boost conversions by 86% –source
  5. Requesting age can reduce conversion rates – (Lol don’t ask my age again)-source
  6. An increasing number of landing pages improves the lead generation rates –source

Start building your landing page

There are countless essential features that your landing page should have. But if you are just starting, these tips can help create a high-converting landing page with the least effort and time.

Well, you might have to brush up on your creativity and convincing skills, though. But, rest assured, these few features can make your website a huge hit right from the very beginning. This will provide a professional look to your complete website, and of course, let’s remember it again, High Conversion Rates! Thus, what’s stopping you?

You can also check your page builder’s templates. Usually, all good landing page building platforms have a variety of templates to choose from and with little customizations, you can create a winning landing page for your business.

Don’t delay any further since the right time is now! Start with your first landing page and enjoy the growing growth and sales!

Don’t have a landing page builder? Check this lifetime free funnel builder and grab your account before it gets out of beta.

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