6 Simple Ways To Increase Your Income Starting Today

Ways To Increase Your Income From Home
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Searching online for ways to boost your income reveals thousands of exciting opportunities! Not all are legit which makes it hard to know which ones to do.

After all, you don’t want to waste your time when all you want to do is earn some extra money!

To help with this I’ve put together these 6 simple ways to increase your income. All can be started today at extraordinarily little or even no cost to you. If you have an internet connection, you can simply start earning!

How To Increase Your Income from home

The 6 ways listed here are all easy to do from home or with your daily job. You don’t need any training, special equipment, or upfront payments. For some, you simply need an internet connection and some spare time!

Sign Up For Survey & Reward Sites

There are lots of awesome apps that pay real money that you can sign up for. Most of these apps allow you to earn extra cash on the go. All you need to do is complete some simple tasks online.

Answering surveys is a common task you can complete for cash. If you like giving your opinion about a variety of topics, then survey taking is a great way to earn.

Other tasks you can do include playing games, completing special offers, and performing web searches.

Another way you can earn on these sites is by shopping! That’s because a lot of them offer cashback at participating retailers when shopping online or in-store. Make sure to maximize your earnings by taking advantage of all these offers!

Three established sites that you can start on now are Swagbucks, Ibotta, and Survey Junkie. Try them out today and start earning immediately!

Sell Your Handcrafted Items

A simple way to earn extra cash that can also be lots of fun is to sell your handcrafted items.

Are you good at art? Perhaps you can create paintings, posters, or other artistic creations. If so, there is a market for these things. Lots of people pay artists for specific pieces or you could advertise creations in certain genres. Other handcrafted items you could sell include jewelry, clothes, or furniture. Anything that you can make yourself you could sell!

How can you make money from your handcrafted items?

There are lots of easy ways to sell your creations. You could sell things on Etsy or other online marketplaces. Etsy allows you to sell any handcrafted or vintage things to a worldwide audience.

Become A Tester

Many big brands pay good money to hear the opinions of everyday people. These companies need you to test their websites or apps and give your honest feedback. Your feedback is then used to improve their services.

Testing works by the company providing you full instructions of what they want you to do. You must then follow these instructions and record your experience. Recordings may be audio or video so don’t do this unless you are comfortable being recorded.

As you proceed through the test you are expected to explain your thought process and how you are finding the website or app. The ability to clearly communicate your experience will make you a good tester. Getting good reviews means you will always get plenty of work!

On average tests take about 20 minutes and pay $10 per test. If you complete 5 a week, then you could earn an extra $200 a month! That extra money can be extremely helpful and used for lots of things.

Sell Your Skills

The gig economy is booming! Estimates predict that by 2023 the gig economy will be worth a whopping $455 billion!

To get your piece of that you can start selling your skills. Writing, editing, data entry, and much more are all in demand. Sites like Fiverr are great places to start and allow you to easily market yourself to a global customer base.

Think about what you can do and create some listings. If you offer more than one service this increases your earning opportunities, and you will be on the way to establishing a decent side income!

Become An eBay Flipper

Selling second-hand items on eBay is a popular way to earn extra income. If you are serious about it you could turn it into a full-time living earning thousands of dollars a month!

To get started look around your home and sell all the stuff you don’t need anymore. Clothes, toys, and electronics are hugely popular. Ask friends or family for any unwanted items they are happy to give you for resale.

Once you’ve done this you should have earned some extra money and decluttered your home at the same time!

To keep earning as an eBay flipper you now need to buy things to sell. Scour the local thrift stores, online groups, and yard sales to find things you can buy cheaply. Once you’ve bought them just sell them for a profit!

At first, it may be hard but once you learn what sells and what doesn’t you could be earning a fortune!

Be A Virtual Friend

Are you a friendly person? Do you find it easy to chat with people from different types of backgrounds?

If the answer is yes, then you could start making some serious money as a virtual friend.

Many people these days struggle to maintain real-world friendships. Work commitments, ill health, or shyness could all be reasons why someone isn’t able to make friends in real life.

Thanks to the magic of the internet, people can now make friends in the virtual world. Talking, playing games, or collaborating on online hobbies are all possible now without having to meet in person!

Look online for cyber friend opportunities and you can start earning. Apart from the extra income, it’s also a flexible way to earn as you can work as much or as little as you want to! Plus, you get to make a new friend!

Please remember – most sites do their best to vet all users, but you can’t be too careful. Never divulge personal information if you feel uncomfortable sharing it. Stay safe online!

Tips To Improve Your Finances

Earning more is one way to boost your income. However, there are a couple of simple things you can do to improve your finances that will also mean you have more money to spend, save or invest!

Creating a budget is a key part of staying financially healthy. With a good budget tracking every cent spent, you can see exactly where your money is going.

Use your budget to see which bills need to be negotiated, cancel subscriptions you no longer need, and see how much you spend on food and entertainment. Any expenses you cut give you more money to pay off debts or use elsewhere.

Remember to check your budget often (weekly if possible) to make sure you keep on top of your finances.

Another good tip is to build an emergency fund as soon as possible. Only 39% of Americans could pay an unexpected bill of $1000. What would you do?

If it’s a bill that must be paid, then the money has to be taken from somewhere else. That means something else can’t be paid and you start spiraling into debt. Fees, interest, and collection notices soon add up!

Having an emergency fund not only relieves that stress, but it means your finances won’t be ruined when the unexpected happens.

An emergency fund also means should you lose your job that you can still pay your bills. It’s recommended that an emergency fund covers at least 3-6 months’ worth of expenses.

Hopefully, you can find new employment in that time but at least you can still survive for the first few months!

Putting these two things into action will help you improve your finances in the long term.

What Should You Do With The Extra Money?

If your current income is covering your expenses, then this means any extra money you earn can be used freely.

When you have extra money, the temptation is to spend it! That’s fine – you should have some fun! However, in the long run, using the money to pay off debts and build savings will help you much more financially.

If you have debts, then you must think of a plan to get them paid off. Search up the avalanche or snowball methods for two excellent ways to get debt-free. Once you are debt-free that means you have more money available for whatever you want!

Saving and investing are also good uses of your money. Get that emergency fund set up so you never have to worry about the unexpected!

Start an investment portfolio and make it as diverse as possible. Stocks and shares, cryptocurrency, land, and even wine are all things you can invest in!

A good investment strategy means your money isn’t sitting around not doing anything. Your money is growing, and you are building wealth. At first, it may not be much, but over time as you add more it can add up to a large amount!

Retiring early, homeownership, traveling the world, and whatever else you may desire are all possible if you take the right steps as soon as possible.

Simple Ways To Increase Your Income – Wrap Up

Whether you are struggling with money or not all these ways to earn extra income can be a great help financially.

You could do one, some, or all these simple ways to increase your income and use the extra money in a variety of ways. Paying off debts, building savings, and investing are some great tips for using the money.

However, don’t forget that it’s important to have some fun! Treat yourself to a vacation, a night out with friends or family, or maybe a relaxing spa day!

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