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Looking for Easy Homemade Things to Sell?

Here is a list of super easy things you can make at home to sell online or craft bazaars.

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Do people make money with easy things that they make at home?

Yes, they do!

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There are many success stories of stay at home moms and even teens making a good income  selling things from home.


The bath bomb industry is booming,   According to a market report, the US bath bomb industry is expected to reach $350 million by 2025.

Bath Bombs

Teen sisters- Isabel and Caroline made $20 million in 2018 selling bath bombs and made it to Forbes 30 Under 30 Retail & e-commerce list in 2019.

Easy to make?

Easy to make?


Do you know people in the US spend over 3 million dollars on candles each year, with 35% of candle sales happening during the Christmas season.


A 14-year-old entrepreneur, Maddison, runs a successful candle-making business that she started when she was 11-years old.

Easy to make?

Easy to make?


Printables are some of the underrated items that sell so well. Think planners, party invites, cards, coloring books, order forms and so on..


Yes, so many moms like Julie make digital printables to sell online. It costs so little to make and sell them from home.

Easy to make?

Easy to make?

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