21 Good Apps To Sell Feet Pics For Money in 2024 (Legit Places)

Did you know you can get paid for selling your feet pics online?

I was surprised when I first heard about this unique way to make money from home.

I thought it was not true, but it turns out there are people who are willing to spend money to buy feet pictures.

There are different ways to make money from selling feet pics online. If you have nice-looking feet and want to make extra cash, check out this list of best apps to sell feet pics for money in 2022.

This post includes information like:

  • Where to sell feet pics
  • Cost to sell on these places to sell feet pics
  • How to sell feet pics on these websites and apps

Is it legal to sell feet pics online?

Yes, it is legal to sell feet pics online in many countries like America, UK, Australia, and Canada.

If you’re thinking about selling your feet pics, make sure to do your research and only work with reputable sites and apps. This way, you can be sure that you are getting a fair price for your pictures and working with a legit business that will respect your privacy.

This website contains affiliate links which means we may earn commissions if you purchase through them (no extra cost to you). You can read our policies here.

apps to sell feet pics: selling feet picture for money apps
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selling feet pictures for money apps

More legit ways to make money from home

where to sell feet pics?

There is no dedicated feet pic selling app. However, there are many other reputed photo-selling apps where you can sell your feet photographs for money.

Fun with Feet is one of my most recommended feet pics selling website.

Below are the top apps for selling feet pics in America and countries where selling feet pics is allowed. 

If you need tips for taking good pictures of your feet, check my post on how to take good feet pics. For more feet pic selling tips, check this detailed post on how to sell feet pics online.

For taking pictures, I recommend you grab a phone holder tripod stand with a ring light. This one is perfect for your needs (and it is the best selling one too!).

Let’s read about more legit places to sell feet pics in this blog.

Good Apps to sell feet pics 

Here are the best apps to sell feet pics to make money in 2022. These all are legit and reputed side hustle apps with lots of reviews where you can sell your feet pics.

1. Sell feet pics on Foap

Foap is a popular app to sell stock photos and one of the best feet pic selling apps too.

Available on both Android and iOS, this app has been featured on popular websites like ABC News, CNN, BBC, The New York Times, and Mashable.

Since its launch in 2011, the Foap app has been downloaded by over 3 million content creators.

How to sell feet pics on Foap

Foap app is free to download and use. You can create a free account on the app to start selling your feet pics.

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To sell pictures on Foap, simply upload your photos to the app. Once your photos are approved, they will be available for sale on the Foap marketplace.

How much does Foap Charge?

Foap pictures normally sell for up to $10 each, and when someone buys your photo, you will earn a 50% profit. Therefore, for each picture you sell for $10, you will earn $5, and Foap will keep the other $5.

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You can also sell your photo in exclusive Foap Missions where prices can go up to $60. 

*Foap missions are special requests from brands and businesses looking for specific photos. To participate in a mission, simply submit your photos that match the mission requirements.

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Foap missions

There are two types of Foap missions: Regular Mission and Premium mission.

In a regular mission, your photos will be available for sale on the Foap marketplace for $10-$60, and you earn rewards from $100 to $500.

Unlike regular missions, you can participate in premium missions after unlocking the mission with Foap coins. Premium missions have many winners and have total rewards up to $2000.

How do I get paid? 

Payments are made through PayPal once you have reached the minimum payout amount of $5.

To start selling feet pics on Foap, download the app from Google Play Store or App Store.

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2. Sell feet pics on TikTok

I would be really surprised if you don’t know about TikTok- a short-video sharing social media platform where people share creative and funny videos.

How to sell feet pics on tiktok app
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TikTok saw a huge boost during the epidemic, with its total active users surpassing one billion, making it one of the world’s top ten social networks and one of the top places to sell feet pics.

There are many people who have gained fame and fortune by just making videos on this app. That being said, TikTok is also a great platform to sell feet pics.

*Useful resource: Deej, a flight attendant, uses TikTok to sell her feet pics as a side hustle and makes good money with it!

She recently launched a guide on “How to sell feet pics“. It is one of the best-sellers with a lot of good reviews.

It is worth checking out if you are serious about making money by selling your feet pics. (And it is very affordable.)

How to sell feet pics on TikTok

Selling on TikTok is fun and easy. If you already have a personal account on TikTok, create a separate account for your feet pics.

Pick a creative name for your account, something that will let people know what your TikTok profile is all about.

Set up your profile and bio that goes with the theme of your account. You can also switch to a Pro account to get more features and tools.

Now, start posting your feet pics and videos.

Remember to use relevant hashtags and trending audio clips to make your videos more discoverable.

If you don’t have any idea, take a look at other sellers in your niche to get some inspiration. Engage with audience by replying to their comments and duets.

Once you have the following, add a link to your bio directing people to your feet pics store or website.

You can also collaborate with other feet pic sellers or influencers to promote each other’s work.

How much does TikTok take?

TikTok is just a platform to drive traffic to your feet pics store or website. So, it doesn’t take any commission from your sales or charge fees for using the platform.

How do I get paid?

Since TikTok is just a social platform, you will need to set up a payment method on your store or website to get paid.

Buyers are not verified on TikTok, I suggest using a reputable third-party payment processor to avoid scams and don’t disclose your bank details.

3. Sell on Fun With Feet

Fun With Feet is a new website for selling and buying feet pics. If you want to sell your feet pics while remaining anonymous, this is the best site for you.

They also have a verification process to ensure all buyers and sellers are legitimate, so you don’t have to worry about being scammed.

The best part is that all content and users go through a manual quality review to help keep the site clean and safe for everyone.

How to sell on Fun With Feet

If you’re interested in selling your feet pics on Fun With Feet, the first thing you’ll need is a seller profile.

Creating a seller profile is a very simple process that requires your basic information, including your profile picture and a short bio.

To verify your age, you will need to provide your ID. Once your profile is approved, you’ll be able to start listing your pictures to sell.

Fun With Feet suggest you create a themed collection of your feet pictures and offer some free content from the theme to attract buyers.

If someone is interested in your collection, they will unlock it by paying the price you set. Once they have unlocked it, they’ll have access to all of the photos in that collection.

sell pics with funwithfeet
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As a seller, you’ll also have access to their built-in messaging system to communicate directly with buyers for custom requests or price negotiations.

How much does Fun With Feet Charge? 

There are two types of fees involved in selling on Fun With Feet.

First, there is a small fee to sell on the platform, depending on the length of your membership. For example, a 3-month membership costs USD 9.99, and a 6-months is USD 14.99.

Second, they also charge a 15% commission on every sale you make.

How do I get paid?

If anyone unlocks any of your feet pics collection, you will receive the money immediately in your wallet. You can then cash out your earnings into your bank account.

4. Sell Feet Pics on Onlyfans

OnlyFans is a social media platform where content creators can earn money from their subscribers.

OnlyFans- places to sell feet pics
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While it is mostly used by celebrities, many feet pic sellers make a good income selling their feet pictures on Onlyfans.

If you’re thinking about selling your feet pics, OnlyFans is a great platform to do it. Founded in 2016, Onlyfans is growing rapidly with over 150 million registered users and has paid out over $5 billion in creator earnings.

Sell feet pictures make money app onlyfans
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How to sell feet pics on OnlyFans

To start selling feet pictures on OnlyFans, you first need to create an account and build up your profile.

You will need to verify your account with your valid ID and a selfie. It is a feature of OnlyFans to prevent scams and ensure safety.

Once your account is active, you can start posting your feet pictures and videos to build your following.

You can set your own price for your content, and subscribers will pay you to get access to your content. Another way to make money is by locking content where your fans can only view it if they pay.

How much does OnlyFans Charge? 

It is a free feet pic selling app, you don’t get charged for using the platform. But yes, OnlyFans takes 20% of what you make, and the rest is yours to keep. In other words, if you made a sale of $100, OnlyFans will keep $20 as its selling fees.

How do I get paid?

 You can cash out your earnings through OnlyFans direct deposit or a PayPal account. The minimum withdrawal amount depends on the payout method you choose. For most, the minimum is $20.

5. Sell feet pictures on Instagram

sell feet pic app - instagram
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You can also make money by selling feet pictures on Instagram.

With over one billion active users, Instagram is a great app to sell feet pictures. Millions of people use Instagram to discover new products and businesses.

If you want to be a foot pic seller, get on Instagram to post pictures of your feet and start building up a following.

How to sell feet pics on Instagram?

The first step is to create an Instagram account and share good-quality pictures and videos of your feet.

Reels are a great way to get more views and followers on Instagram. If you don’t know how to create good Instagram reels then check this post by Later and below video.

Hashtags are important on Instagram as they help people find your photos. Use popular hashtags like #feetpics to get more views on your photos.

The best way to find hashtags is to search for successful influencers in your niche. Look at their reels to find hashtags relevant to your business and use them.

Once you have a good following, you can start selling your feet pictures by funneling them to other paying platform like OnlyFans or enabling a subscription on Instagram account.

With subscriptions you can earn recurring monthly revenue by offering exclusive content to your followers.

How much does Instagram charge?

Instagram does not charge anything to sell feet pictures because you are using it to drive traffic to your website, selling platform, or OnlyFans.

6. Sell Feet Pictures on Feetify

As the name suggests, Feetify is a dedicated platform for selling feet pictures and videos. Feetify is the most active feet pics selling platform with over 200,000 active members.

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With Feetify, there are no middlemen and no fees – you keep 100% of what you earn.

How to sell feet pics on Feetify

Like other platforms for selling foot pictures, signing up on Feetify is free.

To start selling your feet pictures on Feetify, you can create an account and start uploading your photos.

selling feet picture for money apps: feetify
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Feetify recommends upgrading to the premium Feetify plan so you can communicate with potential buyers, as most of the connections and sales take place through messaging.

But the best part of Feetify is you can make money on Feetify even if you don’t make any sales; you just need to be an active member.

To get this cash reward, you need a Premium membership account. You can make up to $100 per month without selling a single photo or video with this premium account.

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Feetify rewards

How much does Feetify Charge?

As mentioned before, there are no fees to start selling on Feetify. If you want to upgrade to a premium plan, it will cost you $57 for 5 months or $97 for 12 months.

How do I get paid?

Feetify allows you to receive direct payments from the buyers, so you can use any method you prefer. – Paypal, Cash App, or other legit seller protection app.

To start selling feet pics on Feetify, sign up for an account here.

7. Sell Feet pics on Whisper app

The Whisper app is a new platform that allows people to sell feet pictures anonymously. 

If you want to sell feet pictures anonymously, Whisper is the best app for you. It’s a great platform for those who are shy or don’t want to be known for selling feet pictures.

app to sell feet pics
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The Whisper App is a social media app that runs on Android and IOS. Whisper has 250 million monthly users across the world.

How to sell feet pics on Whisper App?

To start selling feet pictures on Whisper, download the app from your device store and create an account. Once you have verified your email, you can start posting pictures of your feet.

whisper app
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Whisper does not allow you to accept payments. Like Instagram, you can use Whisper to drive traffic to your own website or OnlyFans. 

The best way to do this is by using a link in your bio that goes directly to your website or OnlyFans.

You can also add your OnlyFans or other subscription-based accounts link in the caption so people can subscribe to see more of your content.

How much does Whisper charge?

Whisper is a free app and does not charge anything to sell feet pictures.

8. Sell pics on Feet Finder

Feet Finder is a subscription-based platform that allows you to sell feet pictures. Like Feetify, it is a marketplace for people to buy and sell feet pictures only.

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It has got 4.8/5 stars on Trustpilot and is one of the most popular platforms to sell feet pictures.

How to sell feet pics on Feet Finder

To start selling on Feet Finder, create an account and verify your email address. After you’ve registered, you’ll need to confirm your identity and verify your age. It’s a safety feature to prevent spam and fake profiles.

Only users in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia are verified by FeetFinder.

Once you have registered, you can start uploading pictures and videos of your feet. You can set the price for each photo or video. Feet Finder charges only a 20% commission on every sale.

Feetfinder also hosts giveaways every week where they give away free credits to the active sellers.

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How much does FeetFinder charge?

There is a subscription fee to use FeetFinder. You can choose to pay $2.99 per month or $24.99 for the whole year. There is also a 14-day free trial available to test the platform.

Additionally, FeetFinder also charges a 20% commission on every sale.

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More Apps to Sell Feet pics

Here are some more apps where you can sell your feet pics. Only Feet App

  • MeetMe
  • Instafeet App 
  • WikiFeet
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • KiK
  • Tinder App
  • Agora Images
  • Snapwire
  • Scoopshot
  • 500px
  • Stokimo
  • Twenty20

Best selling feet picture for money apps

Selling feet pictures can be a great way to make some extra money. There are many different ways to make money by selling feet pictures. If you’re looking to make some quick cash by selling feet pictures, these are the best apps to sell feet pics for you.

The best way to sell feet pics is by using apps like OnlyFans and TikTok, as they have a wide audience and large number of potential buyers. Fun With Feet and Feetify is also a great platform to sell feet pics as it is a marketplace for people to buy and sell feet pictures only.

More Legit Ways to Make Money from home

Selling feet pics is just one of the many ways to make money from home and it will take some time to start making sales.

If you are looking for a more sustainable way to make money online, I recommend looking for side jobs apps that pay more than $21/hr.

Check out these articles if you’re looking for more ways to make money from home.

  1. Stay-at-home job for moms: 21 best jobs to make money from home.
  2. Things to sell to make extra cash now: Ways to make quick money from home (when you are in need).
  3. How to make and sell printables from home on Etsy: Easy side hustle idea to sell Etsy printables.
  4. How to make money in Australia: That’s how I make money from home online.
  5. Easy things to make and sell: Want to start a DIY business from home? Check these things to make and sell from home for profit.

These are just a few ideas, but there are many more ways to make money from home. Just do some research and find the best fit for you.

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